Coffee Characters


Strong and Confident

Intriguing, confident, and full of energy. Hard to forget thanks to a strong personality that makes you lose all sense of time.

Full-bodied with a strong flavor.

A strong, well-structured, and energetic coffee with a touch of bitterness.

Is this the perfect coffee for you?

What makes a coffee #Vigorous


How to taste a #Vigorous coffee

Preparation classic

Ristretto.As the Italian word implies, this preparation makes the coffee particularly concentrated and strong, with a very intense and delicious layer of cream. Perfect for those who love bitter flavours.

Preparation special

Ibrik.A traditional brewing method of Ottoman cultures, yet also quite in fashion among western coffee connoisseurs who love vintage style. Known as Turkish coffee, it has an intense full body and a persistent flavor.


Italian coffee liqueur Cocktail. An intriguing drink made with Strega Liqueur and espresso

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