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About us

Vinhood is an innovative start-up launched in 2017, based on the experience of VinoàPorter, widening its scope from the world of wines alone to explore the global concept of taste. Our approach is based on edutainment and sustainability, and our aim is to find a new medium that can bridge the gap between people and the products they love. We want to transform confusion into clarity, using a simple, immediate language, supported by scientific foundations and a hi-tech approach.

If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old child, you haven’t understood it yourself”. This was how Albert Einstein saw things, and we have to agree with him on this one.

Vinhood, pleased to meet you

We are an international team with Italian DNA. Our keyword is mix: a mix of cultures, experiences, stories. A team of all sorts, that makes diversity and mutual trust its strengths, allowing the competences of each member to co-exist with those of the others, forming a team with so many different faces and perspectives that it feels and looks more like a dinner table surrounded by friends.

Our team members include Taste advisors, Sensory experts, Oenologists, Data Analysts, Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers, Event Managers, IT Experts and Advertising professionals. Through the years, we have allowed ourselves to be pleasantly contaminated by a host of different places and cultures. A few examples? Colombia, China, India, Nigeria, Lebanon, Taiwan, but also Palermo, Rome, Bologna, Pesaro and Milan.

Want to join us? Email us at info@vinhood.com

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