Experiences and tools of our taste journey

We have designed a digital tool and created new experiences for simplifying and portraying the world of taste.

Find out more below!

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The tool: V is for Vinhood

It’s our digital Taste Expert, a discreet advisor who always pops up at just the right time!

All you have to do is answer a few, simple questions about what you usually eat and drink and we can define your taste profile.

At the end of the test you can register free of charge and create your own profile, where your taste results and preferences will remain saved, in your very own taste passport, describing you and your preferences.

SPOILER: 91% of those who completed the test claimed to be happy with the recommended taste #Character.

Ok, but when should I use Vinhood?
Need to buy some wine at the supermarket? Use our online service or search for our kiosk for a personalised service. Choosing coffee capsules online? Find the ideal ones to really wake you up in the morning by taking the taste test. Want to find out how to pair a wine with a recipe? Put your trust in our ingredient test.

Looking for the perfect gift idea for your bartender friend? Have them take the expert’s test.

In a nutshell… KEEP CALM and ask Vinhood!

Search for Vinhood, like the V you see here on the right of your screen, so that you always have your tests, contents or #Characters: your ideal products are within easy reach.

Not on your favourite website yet? Let us know, we’ll get there too.

The experiences: games, events and a new taste academy

Entering the Vinhood mood means learning while savoring the pleasures of life.

This is why we have created various experiences that focus on taste, but in an easygoing way.

We offer Wine Shows, a fun, innovative tasting event format, sensorial team building activities or innovative coffee breaks and blind tasting sessions that turn into improvised theatre sketches or experience-orientated games accompanied by an excellent amaro.

But also live interviews with producers, live aperitifs, the VH Academy, digital experiences and a magazine full of interesting facts and comments about taste.

Warning: this is not child’s play. The Vinhood study

We study the taste, dietary habits and behavior of people in the various countries around the world. We experiment with products: from performing chemical organoleptic analyses to experiments based on neuroscience, using tools such as brain helmets and thermal imaging to assess the reactions of people to the things they taste.

But all this alone is not enough!

Just imagine what would happen if neurogastronomy experts, sommeliers and taste advisors joined forces with advertising professionals, UX/UI Design and IT experts… It’s exactly from this strange balance between science and communication, different competences and people, that the tools, experiences and #Characters of Vinhood are created.

Discover the #Characters

We’ve developed quite a taste for it

It’s a bit like when you begin travelling and can’t seem to stop any more because your thirst for new places, and new, unknown flavors is unquenchable. To put it simply, we’ve developed a taste for our research, and are pushing forward with it, all guns blazing. Soon you’ll also be able to explore other products: stay tuned!