Coffee Characters


Seductive and Determined

The perfect companion. An outstanding balance between strength and elegance which accompanies you in enjoyable and interesting conversations.

Well-balanced body with a sweet flavor

A full-bodied coffee that is slightly sweet and envelopingly creamy.

Is this the perfect coffee for you?

What makes a coffee #Fascinating


How to taste a #Fascinating coffee

Preparation classic

Espresso. The preparation method par excellence in Italy. This coffee is robust, intense, and at the same time creamy. It’s the foundation of many other coffee-based beverages, such as the macchiato and the cappuccino.

Preparation special

French Press. Known as the plunger pot system, this is the method of choice for many coffee lovers aruond the world. It gives the beverage a rich and pleasant flavor and deposits the coffee grounds at the bottom.


English Coffee Cocktail. A sweet cocktail made with dry gin, triple sec, Kahlua®, espresso, and whipped cream

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