Coffee Characters


Unique and Intrepid

One of a kind. It doesn't have a middle ground and is either instantly loved or hated. Perfect for those who adore its unusual and thrilling acidity.

Fresh flavor with a delicate touch of citrus.

A rich and fresh coffee with citrus aromas and a pleasing acidity.

Is this the perfect coffee for you?

What makes a coffee #Adventurous


How to taste an #Adventurous coffee

Preparation classic

EspressoThe preparation method par excellence in Italy. This coffee is robust, intense, and at the same time creamy. It’s the foundation of many other coffee-based beverages, such as the macchiato and the cappuccino.

Preparation special

Syphon: The most theatrical brewing method, perfect for those who are looking for a unique experience. The flavor is very rich with a soft and enveloping body.


Coffee Margarita. An eccentric cocktail with made with tequila, filtered coffee, honey, lemon zest, and ice

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