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Fascinating and Charming

Engaging and seductive, it knows how to win you over by skillfully manipulating its sweet and sarcastic sides. It may leave you with “a bitter taste”, but it’s impossible not to be smitten.

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Full-bodied red beers

#Intriguing beers are striking in the contrast between their creaminess, bitterness, and complexity. They are elegant and drinkable despite their intense body, with new characteristics revealed in every sip.

What makes a beer #INTRIGUING?


Thick, full-bodied beers that delicately coat the palate with their “shape”.



Complex beers, rich in toasted and caramel notes. In the mouth, the strong sweet flavors are balanced by a slightly bitter edge.



Their characteristic bitterness makes for an intriguing drink!



Beers with an assertive, yet not overbearing presence of alcohol, usually greater than 6.5% ABV.



Amber, Dark amber, Red, Dark red


Grains, Caramel, Toasted

How to enjoy an #INTRIGUING beer

Ideal Temperature

9° – 12°

Ideal Glass

Tulip glass. The tulip shape allows the hands to warm the glass so that the full evolution of the beer’s aromas can be expressed as one drinks.

Food Pairings

Red meat
Mild aged cheese

Expert advice

To fully appreciate these beers they must be “courted”. Sip them slowly in order to enjoy the evolution of their aromas as their alcohol content increases slightly. You’ll soon discover how irresistible they can be.

Special Ingredient: caramel malt

Caramel malt is made by cooking the malt at high temperatures. Malt (obtained from germinated grains) is a typical ingredient in beer. In the oven, the malt’s sugars caramelize, thus making the beer sweeter and creamier.

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