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Secretive and Mysterious

That unique friend who you can never fully understand. Its enigmatic spirit is always ready to amaze and captivate you.

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Dark and moderately bitter beers

Despite their misleadingly dark color, #Profound beers are neither full bodied nor particularly alcoholic and offer a pleasant and complex drinking experience enhanced by toasted aromas.

What makes a beer #PROFOUND?


Very aromatic, but relatively light-bodied beers with a thick, dense foam.



Beers of average complexity, despite what their dark color may suggest. They have striking, though never agressive, toasted and coffee aromas and, more rarely, notes of smoke and tobacco.



The bitter flavor is present, but never dominant, and integrates well with the other elements.



Beers with a medium-low alcohol content, usually between 4% and 6.5% ABV.



Brown, Dark Brown, Black


Chocolate, Coffee, Licorice

How to enjoy a #PROFOUND beer

Ideal Temperature

7° – 12°

Ideal Glass

Pinta nonic. A glass with a cone-shaped trunk and a bulge at the top that allows for a firm grip.

Food Pairings

Roasted meat

Expert advice

Did you know that foam isn’t just for beer-foam moustaches? Its fundamental purpose is to delay oxidation and preserve the freshness of the aromas. Want to try something new? Make a Beeramisù, using one of these beers instead of coffee. You’ll leave everyone speechless!

Special ingredient: toasted grain

Toasted grain is obtained by drying malt at temperatures above 200° C. It’s used to produce dark beers with a complex combination of smoked and toasted flavors.

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