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Outgoing and Considerate

That caring friend who always gives great advice. When you need a comforting hug, it knows just how to cheer you up.

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Sweet and creamy beers

#Generous beers have a full and velvety body. They are more sweet than bitter, but maintain a well-balanced flavor.

What makes a beer #GENEROUS?


Smooth beers that tend to have a sweet finish. When you drink them, it almost feels like you’re chewing them!



Beers that aren’t particuarly complex, in which notes of banana, grains, and spices emerge, both in the nose and in the mouth.



Bitterness in these beers is no more than a distant memory, overshadowed by the sweet and velvety flavor that characterizes them.



Beers with a low alcohol content that doesn’t usually exceed 6% ABV.



Straw Yellow, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Amber


Banana, Grains, Spices

How to enjoy a #GENEROUS beer

Ideal Temperature

5° – 8°

Ideal Glass

Weizenbecker glass. A traditional Weiss glass that broadens upwards to welcome the abundant, thick and creamy foam.

Food Pairings

White meat

Expert Advice

First date? He/she isn’t into beer? What should you do to make sure the evening isn’t a flop? Choose #Generous beers. Their sweet flavor and almost total lack of bitterness will make for an irresistible introduction to beer!

Special ingredient: wheat

Wheat is a grain that has been cultivated since ancient times and is added to these beers along with the traditional barley malt (usually around 50%). It makes beers creamier, sweeter, and more acidic.

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