What to give to your father that will make you child of the year

Father’s Day is approaching and, like every year, you haven’t yet thought of a gift for your dad? Never fear, you can get some ideas from our list!

Vinhood Editors
Vinhood Editors
padre e figlio

“Happy Father’s Day!”

Wait, is that tomorrow?

In every family there are two kinds of people: those who remember every holiday and every anniversary, all the way down to sixth cousins twice removed, and those who could very well forget their own birthday. 

But Father’s Day is a special holiday: very important when there are little ones at home who have prepared sticky cards full of glue at school, somewhat overlooked in adolescence, and slightly more important when one grows up, because it’s an occasion to get together and show up your siblings.

That’s right, fraternal competition doesn’t necessarily dwindle over the years. 

Regardless, if you want to give a gift that’s more original than the standard “World’s Best Dad” paraphernalia, then here’s a list that will delight your fathers. 

The only requirement is that he isn’t a non-drinker. But we love everyone, without distinction, so for those fathers go back and reread this article

Let’s get started, there’s no time to waste!


Alchemy, a beer that breaks the molds, from the Birrificio della Grande brewery, which celebrates the union and the cross-contamination between the worlds of beer and wine. The winey notes combined with the fruity aromas produced by the fermentation process, create a unique sensation on the palate. With a #Heroic #character, this is a complex and full bodied beer that envelops the mouth with a distinctive taste. Perfect for those who haven’t yet decided which side they’re on: wine lovers or beer lovers.


Woodsy Aperitif: for those who are longing for adventure, but don’t want to get up off the couch, or at most might venture to the kitchen table. 

This kit contains everything you need for a true Tyrolean adventure, from the comfort of your own home. You’ll find:

-1 package of Schuttelbrot, known to friends as “the crunchy black bread from South Tyrol”;

-4 smoked Kaminwurz salamis;

-3 cans of Miss Trout, Birra del Bosco’s Munich Dunkel par excellence. With an #Intriguing #character, to fully appreciate them they must be “courted”, sipping them calmly and allowing their aromas to emerge;

-2 glasses and some coasters (you remember that beer must not be drunk directly from the bottle, right? Otherwise, read this article for a quick review of “beer etiquette”;

-1 Massimo Goloso platter.

kit degustazione birra


If your father is always undecided about whether he should end his meal with an espresso or with a liqueur, then this one made with specialty coffee is definitely the perfect gift.

Tazze Pazze managed to combine the excellence of specialty coffee with a moderate amount of alcohol (30% vol), creating a balanced and irresistible product that’s perfect as an after dinner drink, as well as in cocktails or as an addition to sweets.

Inside you’ll also find a praline with an alcoholic center, which we’re certain will melt in your mouth.

liquore allo specialty coffee


Is it possible to do a wine tasting, visit a historic winery, and stroll through one of the most beautiful villages in Italy all in one day trip?

Of course, at Cinque Quinti, in Cella Monte.

Immersed in the hills of Monferrato, you can visit their historic winery and infernot, stroll through the “Le Matite dei Cinque Quinti a La Giàrinna” vineyard, where the trellis posts transform into gigantic colored pencils.

And last, but not least, there are the guided tastings.

Well, what are you waiting for? 

Hurry and purchase one of these perfect gift ideas for your father, and don’t forget to include a heartwarming card.

cantina nel monferrato