Vinhood taste maps: pubs and breweries in and around Milan

A BEER drinker’s guide to Milan! A culinary exploration of the best breweries in and around Milan.

Vinhood Editors
Vinhood Editors

Milan: the city of nightclubs, design, fashion, and also taste! Every corner of the city is brimming with ethnic, gourmet, and traditional restaurants, offering a unique variety of cuisines and culinary specialties! In such a varied context, even beer has found a place to show off the many genres, styles, and tastes that characterize it. So let’s embark on this journey dedicated to food and drink together, exploring five breweries in and around Milan! 


Home of the historic Birrificio Italiano Milano, at Via Ferrante Aporti 12, just steps from the Milano Centrale railway station. The little sister of the brewery’s headquarters in Lurago Marinone, where it all began in 1996, when the Italian craft beer movement was still in its infancy. Here you can enjoy the specialties of Agostino, founder and brewer of Birrificio Italiano, like Tipopils, an Italian Pils par excellence, Fleurette, Amber Shock, and Asteroid 56013. More adventurous drinkers will be delighted by the selection of Klanbarrique and its experimentation with sour beers and wine-beer blends, resulting in unique products like Inclusio Ultima, Padosè , and Marzarimen

birrificio italiano


Birrificio La Ribalta in Villaggio Barona, at Via Bonaventura Zumbini 6, created from a desire to build a social project in partnership with other local entities like Rob de Matt and La Cordata. A large, modern, and welcoming establishment with a spacious outdoor area for the warmer seasons. Events are held here regularly, creating a fun and social atmosphere. But the protagonist never changes: our beloved craft beer which, at Ribalta Barona, comes in both classic and signature varieties like Chinaski, Tetris , and Bagheera, or more seasonal varieties like Iside, chestnut Brown Ale, or Uncle Waldo, dedicated to winter and the Christmas season. 



A unique location with an urban and industrial style and a visible production facility, where the sweet smell of must is always ready to welcome you. Birrificio Milano is a true craft beer brewery, but the size of the space makes it perfect for organizing private events with friends, family, and co-workers. Marco, Fabrizio, and Angela will be more than happy to welcome you, preparing a fantastic creamy risotto with their Fruit Ale Barone Rosso and introducing you to their delicate, yet richly flavorful and aromatic beers like Vola Basso, La Gran Volta, and Amelia E.

birr mil


7 Luppoli Birra e Cucina is the Milanese brewery of the historic Birrificio Angelo Poretti on Viale Ortles. The generous spaces which characterize the levels and the rooms evoke the festive and traditional Brauhauses, while the Liberty style used to decorate the interiors recalls the brewery’s historic production site in Valganna. In addition to the beauty of the interior spaces, here you can enjoy a wide variety of Birrificio Angelo Poretti’s beers, from the most classic to the most unique, like the 10 Hops “Le Bollicine”, a true journey through the history and tastes of high quality Italian beer!

7 luppoli


“A sophisticated and elegant space, which incorporates decor that’s as industrial, rough, and pungent as an IPA, but with shabby chic, sweet, and delicate accents that recall our English Bitters.” It would be difficult to find a more accurate description for Birra Gaia, located on Via Emilia Vergani in Carate Brianza and serving as both the headquarters of the brewery and a brewpub. In fact, here you can taste the brewery’s signature beers, like Aradia, Grulla, or Vineyard, pairing them with pizza, specialty burgers, and chicken, beef, or mixed fajitas. The brewery is perfect for a daytrip dedicated to good food and craft beer!


Are you ready for this tasting tour? All that’s left is to make a reservation and, obviously, let us know which of these five fantastic breweries was your favorite (though it’ll be an incredibly tough choice).