Coffee Characters


Happy and Affectionate

The life and soul of the party. The one you always want by your side during festive and joyous occasions. Exudes sweet and fresh vibrations.

Sweet flavor and intense aroma

A sweet, flavorful, and well-balanced coffee with pleasantly strong aromas.

Is this the perfect coffee for you?

What makes a coffee #Cheerful


How to taste a #Cheerful coffee

Preparation classic

Cappuccino. An Italian favorite, the perfect combination of espresso with a delicious layer of foamy milk.

Preparation special

Aeropress. The coffee preparation method that most resembles that of espresso. It gives the beverage a similarly intense flavor, yet with a softer body. The aeropress is perfect for those who love to travel, but don’t want to give up their favorite coffee.


Irish Coffee. A sweet coffee-based beverage made with Irish whiskey, cane sugar, coffee, and whipped cream

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