Christmas gifts: a journey through traditions and flavors

Discover the allure of unique Christmas gifts amid fascinating traditions and unforgettable aromas. From the world's popular celebrations to ideas for every kind of friend, we take you on a journey through stories of past and present.

Barbara Fassio
Barbara Fassio
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The holiday season brings with it an enchanting atmosphere that permeates everything. The joy of giving is a central element of this season, and finding the perfect gift becomes a real adventure. What makes these weeks so special is the opportunity to share moments of happiness and joy with those we love: finding a unique gift that reflects the recipient’s personality is a fascinating challenge. Stepping away from conventional gifts, we embrace the idea of gifting wine-related experiences, going beyond the mere object and giving emotions and shared moments. Here are some unforgettable ones

Choosing a wine gift is not just an act of generosity but also a journey through artisanal traditions and the stories of those who, behind each bottle, create with passion and dedication. A wine gift is a tribute to the beauty of living authentic experiences and supporting the craftsmanship of those who work with love and attention to detail.

There are many days to celebrate during this time, and every nation has traditions related to the exchange of gifts and remembering loved ones that bring with them the joy of sharing. We’ll tell you about some because discovering how others celebrate can be an inspiration to enrich your own story. And as we do that, why not think about some perfect gift ideas for a special person? Everyone has different tastes and passions that warm the soul, let’s find the right combination for each of them.


In the enchanting Ukraine, the Christmas season is wrapped in a truly magical tradition: the ‘Didukh.’ This ancient ritual takes the form of a charming bundle of straw, rich in meaning and symbolism, representing the soul of our great-grandparents, a living connection between past and present generations.

During the festivities, this captivating bundle finds its home next to the Christmas tree, exuding respect and telling tales of deep roots and wisdom passed down through the centuries. It’s an experience that intimately binds us to the past, creating an emotional bridge between yesterday and today.

And just like this fascinating ritual, there are foods and beverages that take us on a journey through time. Sfusobuono, born from Alessandra’s attentive observation of family traditions, is the bridge between past and present in the winemaking experience. For those who have an environmentally conscious friend, passionate about companies committed to sustainability, Sfusobuono offers the perfect gift.


For the holidays, Sfusobuono presents a unique solution you might not have seen before: Spirits in a bag-in-box, including Vermouth, Amaro, and Mirto, with the addition of a pre-mixed Americano. This sustainable and high-quality option provides the opportunity to become a mixologist for yourself and your loved ones, exploring modern alcoholic recipes with Spirits that narrate a story of love for the environment.

A gift that unites the past and present through a connection with our heritage. And what better way to celebrate this bond than by sipping these delicious Spirits during the classic Christmas bingo game with friends and family? An unmissable experience, a true poem of tradition and innovation that materializes in every sip.


It’s Christmas that kicks off with great anticipation in the Philippines, starting as early as September, with the ‘Ber Months.’ To conclude these months, a unique tradition, the ‘Simbang Gabi‘ or ‘Misa de Gallo,’ nine midnight masses culminating in Christmas Eve. Afterward, the ritual of sharing and festivities comes to life, where food becomes the ultimate social glue.

The joy of celebrating with friends and family, sharing abundant meals, is a deeply-rooted practice in our traditions as well. During the holidays, sweets play a central role. Panettone, for instance, with its ancient and legendary origins, tells the tale of a young Milanese pastry chef who, in love with a noblewoman, created this sweet to impress her. If we move to Puglia, the cartellata, a fried pastry soaked in honey, vincotto (warm wine), and almonds, is a tradition passed down from generation to generation, a symbol of celebration and family tradition.

Neapolitan struffoli are famous: fried dough balls covered in honey and colorful decorations, an integral part of Neapolitan celebrations. Torrone, with historic origins dating back to ancient Rome, has stood the test of time. For those who prefer a different texture, Christmas zeppole are ideal: soft fried doughnuts covered in sugar, tied to the Christmas celebrations of Southern Italy.

We could go on describing the delights for pages! The spread of sweets during this period has deep roots in history and traditions. During the Christmas season, people seek satisfaction and joy, and sweets become the best way to sugarcoat the festivities. For a sweet-toothed friend, a gift that is as traditional as it is delicious is a good passito wine like the Valcalepio DOC Moscato Passito Ros from Castello di Grumello, perfect for accompanying these recipes. This gift will not only delight the palate of the sweet enthusiast but will also add a refined and unique touch to the Christmas celebrations. And if you want to make this experience even more immersive, give the gift of tasting it directly in the winery : a unique experience to discover not only a winery but a real castle rich in history. The crenellated tower with the ancient entrance, the Knights’ Hall, and the cellars will accompany a story that dates back to the year one thousand.


In the warm Christmas atmosphere of Venezuela, “Nochebuena” is a symphony of joy and melody. The tradition of “parranda” gathers people in illuminated streets, singing Christmas songs until the early hours of the morning. A true traveling concert, this celebration involves songs and traditional foods, creating a magical atmosphere that celebrates sharing and music

And speaking of collective harmony, Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara is an authentic celebration of choral singing. This cooperative winery describes itself as a “choral singing made up of 1,200 winemakers who have joined in a grand, festive concert.” Each bottle is a harmonious note, crafted with passion and dedication by generations of winemakers who have united their voices to create something extraordinary. For those who love history, a gift from this winery is a true time capsule: founded by the merger of two wineries in 1903 and 1923, Cantina Carpi e Sorbara is a living tribute to the winemaking tradition that has withstood the test of time. Every sip is a story told through time, a tangible link between generations, and an authentic wine experience. A gift that blends the festive melody of the present with the deep roots of the past.



In Ireland, there is a unique tradition called “Nollaig na mBan” or “Women’s Christmas,” celebrated on Epiphany. On this occasion, women gather for a special meal and evening, excluding men, to strengthen female bonds. It’s a day for women to rest after weeks of contributing to the festive atmosphere, as they often take the lead in family celebrations. A well-deserved day off, where someone at home takes down the decorations and tidies up if they deserve it, right? In Tuscany, in Greve in Chianti, Tuscany, is a woman who acts as a glue during the holidays, but not only that: she is the passionate guide of the family winery Castello Vicchiomaggio. Victoria Matta and her family offer an experience wrapped in the warmth of tradition and passion. They welcome and lead curious visitors through the castle’s rooms, allowing them to savor locally produced wine and olive oil.

For a friend always on the go, an explorer with a restless spirit, the perfect gift is a journey to discover Vicchiomaggio. By offering not only a guided tour and tasting but also the opportunity to stay at the winery, you’ll be providing a complete and unforgettable experience. A perfect way to share the magic of Irish traditions in a corner of Tuscany.

And so we conclude this journey through unique traditions and original gifts. Whether you choose to toast with Sfusobuono’s Spirits or spend the holidays at Castello Vicchiomaggio, we wish you to find in these gifts the warmth of the season and the joy of sharing special experiences. May your holidays be illuminated by smiles, good food, and the pleasure of giving something truly unique!