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This time we took you to the south of Italy to explore two wine-making regions in a blind tasting event involving five glasses of wine featuring the autochthonous varietals and pairings of two distinctive territories.

It might have been the spicy Calabrian nduja that made you all so peppery, but whatever it was, you certainly treated us to a magnificent evening. 

With games, challenges, and bottles up for grabs, the duel we witnessed was definitely one of the fiercest yet.

The producers were first in line to get their gloves off, turning into narrators and bewitching us with their stories!

We’d like to thank Masseria Cuturi, Cantine Serio and Antichi Vigneti Sculco for supplying their wines and for the passion they invest in their work. 


Diplomatiko, Cirò Rosé, 2017, by Antichi vigneti Sculco #Eccentric 

 In the Calabrian corner, the first wine squaring up was none other than a rosé with an #Eccentric character. 

Although it’s well-known that the most popular rosés in Italy are actually produced in Puglia, this Ciro Rosé definitely held its own!

Made with Gaglioppo grapes, it is cultivated with love and great care in the flat lands along Ionian Calabria. 

Its aroma releases fruity notes of wild strawberry and wild cherry, on a base of herbs. Its mouthfeel is warm, sapid and it also has good acidity.

Chidro, Primitivo Salento Igt 2017 by Masseria Cuturi, #Sensual 

This Primitivo from Puglia, made with the Primitivo varietal, is only made in steel vats and this helps it acquire that intensely fruity taste that made everyone perceive it as a #Sensual wine, despite its freshness. 

Soft, also thanks to a light sugary residue, it releases a wonderful alcoholic warmth, like most wines from the south, precisely because it comes from a land where the sun is hotter. 

It is named after the river Chidro, the most important body of water of the whole Ionian coast in Puglia, famous also for its legend. According to the inhabitants of Manduria, the river was formed by the tears St Peter shed after denying Christ. And the same waters are also said to have been the place where the saint baptized Fellone, the king of Felline, instantly healing him from leprosy.  

 La Cona 2018, Negroamaro Salento Igp, by Cantine Serìo, #Sensual 

 A Negroamaro Igp from Puglia with plenty of brawn and a tender heart.

Its aroma is reminiscent of plum and berries but also features a clear note of cloves. 

On the palate, it is powerful yet soft and enveloping, and this is why we classed it as #Sensual!

 The Cona is the canal which currently crosses the residential area of San Donaci, by way of an underground passage.

In the year 1107, the Byzantine monks, who had fled from Constantinople due to the Turkish persecutions, settled around that canal and erected a little church there with the fresco of the icon of Our Lady of Constantinople. This was why the canal was named CONA.

The very first people to settle in San Donaci set up home around the CONA canal.

Nearby, the Byzantine monks planted the most ancient vineyard of San Donaci, where they produced the wine they need for their own requirements and for celebrating Holy Mass.

 Narrante 2018, Salice Salentino by Cantine Serìo, #Magnetic 

 This Salice Salentino is so amazingly good! Made only with Negroamaro grapes, it’s the battle horse of Giuseppe Serio, the young, an extremely likable producer from Puglia.

A full-bodied, structured red, destined to become a #Sage wine but for now still just #Magnetic.

Following vinification in steel vats, it spends about 3 months in barriques, a period that Giuseppe would like to extend, but he is finding it impossible to do since his wine is selling like hotcakes and the demand is sky-high.

 The name Narrante represents the story of a territory, a community, two grandfathers and a wine cellar that is still there.

It’s the story of two families that have lived three generations alternating between the seasons and the phenological phases of a varietal, Negroamaro. Narrante is the synthesis of all these stories, told by a wine with an honesty that launches it into the future.

Cirò Riserva, 2015, by Antichi Vigneti Sculco, #Sage 

 We rounded off the event with a bang, offering a Cirò Riserva with a #Sage character produced from single-varietal Gaglioppo grapes and aged for at least 3 years. An important, but not too alcoholic wine, which makes it particularly elegant and unique compared to others produced in very warm areas.

The grapes, having been carefully selected, are fermented in steel vats. Then the wine is left to rest for about seven months in barriques, where it acquires softness, structure and a very spicy nose. 

 The story of the Cirò wine is very old, dating back to the 8th century B.C. when some colonies that had arrived from Greece approached the coastline of Punta Alice, the Ionian shore of Calabria, and founded Krimisa. 

The Greek colonies were so impressed by the fertility of the lands used for the cultivation of grapes that they defined this area “Enotria”, a name that was later used throughout Italy.

The “Krimisa”, the forerunner of today’s Cirò, became the official wine of the Olympics and for this reason, we can consider it the very first Olympic sponsor, to all intents and purposes!

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