Giuditta Padoan

During the barbarian and cruel era where everything is smart, glittering, faboulous and unavoidably social, it is always easy to work as winemaker and to carry on your own company: among boxes of grape, it is so difficult to find the moment for a selfie maybe with a smiling face.

But, there is someone who has found a solution for this madness! His name is Manuel Pulcini, from Rome, that lives in the wild forests on Lucca hills; here, he has started for some years a project: a wine farm of natural wines.

Manuel’s story reminds to the American Dream: after years of study and a dregree in enology, he rents for a lot of money, some abandoned vineyards, in the province of Lucca. His mission? He wanted to hereditate what last generation left and make it alive again: a lifestyle now forgotten and vineyards covered by brambles

But, if the dream is so big to seem pretty impossible, the philosophy on the basys is the exact opposite.

Manuel promotes a return to the agricultural origins, to the old paesants’ traditions, to a moral agriculture where the laws are not enounced by the market but by the nature and its resources.

Effectively, he makes natural wines, but he doesn’t want to be tagged this way because he doesn’t want to have a label.

A strong group of people similar to Brancaleone’s army, contributes in helping Manuel to realize this revolutionary vision of wine. They help Manuel in the most difficult moments of the vineyard: during the pruning, the bottling phase and of course during the harvest.

The guys during the harvest

But attention! Don’t judge from the surface!

Actually, the guys with shears for the pruning in their hands, always ready to celebrate every event with a justified barbecue, represent a group of extraordinary wine makers, with a lot of harvests at the turn of the two emispheres.

So, the farm becomes the anticonventional re-interpretation of the concept of social: a hangout for the students belonging to the agrarian faculty of Pisa, that want to have a real and genuine experience of wine making.

And not also! Homo Enologus has also contrived an intelligent way to use the instruments offered by the modern technology. Effectively, if you have the chance to go to San Macario a Monte, you will find many young volunteers from all the world that, thanks to the program Wwoof (English association which promotes the countryside life), work, hoe the ground, and pour together with Manuel, in return for an accomodation, a generous meal and the priceless experience of having a contact with nature…for all the rest there is Mastercard!

In this bucolic contest characterized by creative turmoil and fermentation, laughters and experience, an extraordinary line of wine was born, which has been already found and applauded by DoctorWine, for instance.

Every wine is dedicated to the element, earh or fire, water or air, which has more influenced its features, where the role of man is reduced to that of a scribe, who translated and copies what mother nature was thinking about.

Among the seven labels, the last one which is ready is, in my opinion, absolutely the most interesting. It is inspired to earth and it has a label worthy of a Nobel prize.

I am talking about Vizio Ramingo. Even if it is a newborn wine, it has already a #Sage character (we tasted it together during the Sangiovese and its brothers).

Vizio Ramingo

Nefarious, like only wine can be, was born from a blend of sangiovese, merlot, syrah, cabernet, ciliegiolo, farmed in different vineyards, each one with a terroir that describes the magnificences of Tuscany with different accents.

Still young in its angularities, (the first vintage was the 2017), it surprises you for its alcoholic warmth which makes you feel at home. It has an important structure and in every sip it reminds to an atavic tradition.

Provided with an undeniable longevity, it will give its best during next years. In the meantime, I suggest you to buy a box: save three bottles for the future, with the others get surprised in finding out all the scents of its bouquet: pansy, red fruit, vanilla, coffe, aromatic grass, that come out from the glass like doves or rabbits with surprises from a magic cylinder.

Follow then the advice of who produces this wine and match it with a delicious mature pecorino cheese from Tuscany and.while you’re enjoying this pleasure, take a selfie and send it to Manuel: he will know that you are part of the crew!

Make the test and find out if this is the ideal wine for you!