Good.Clean.Human: Sfusobuono!

When wine in a box is really good, and not just for the palate! Discover with us a project to taste authentic wines, meet new producers and preserve the environment, all in one sip.

Barbara Fassio
Barbara Fassio

We always want to find innovative solutions, revolutionise the market, leave a meaningful mark with our choices. Sometimes, to do this, we can simply taste the right product! In this direction, a choice that is gaining more and more popularity in the wine world is to consume wine in bulk. And yes, we are not talking about miraculous technological revolutions, but about taking a step back, returning to a habit that today more than ever seems to really look to the future. 

Often associated with prejudices and misunderstandings, unbottled wine is a real hidden treasure, worth discovering. In fact, thinking of bulk wine often conjures up dusty barrels and old taverns, but the reality is very different. Bulk wine represents a production philosophy that celebrates the authenticity and freshness of wine, offering a wide variety of tastes and styles. Without being bottled or labelled, bulk wine keeps its essence intact, providing a unique sensory experience with every sip.


But how to store and distribute bulk wine in a practical and convenient way? Demijohns, so dear to those who like to bottle at home, are not always manageable if you do not have a nice spacious cellar, the right equipment and above all a trusted producer to visit. This is where the innovative concept of the ‘bag in box’ comes in, flexible containers composed of an inner bag and an outer box, which keep the wine fresh and protect it from oxidation after opening. This clever solution allows wine lovers to enjoy a little wine at a time, without having to worry about the rest spoiling.

Although prejudices persist, bag-in-box bulk wine offers significant advantages for both consumers and the environment. It is a convenient option that saves on the cost of packaging and transport and reduces the environmental impact. Did you know that this packaging method reduces CO2 emissions by 89% compared to a glass bottle?

Furthermore, bag-in-boxes make it possible to enjoy a wider selection of wines at affordable prices, without having to compromise on quality or freshness.

Mater artium necessitas

Literally ‘necessity is the mother of skill’ or, as we know it better, necessity is the mother of invention. And so, in response to a necessity born in an exceptional period (because a pandemic doesn’t happen very often, does it?), a project was born to combine the quality of small and young producers with the tradition of bulk wine. By chance and almost as a game, Alessandra took advantage of the long lockdown months of 2020 to ‘box’ her wine idea: as a careful observer, she noticed that a simple, cheap and good product was missing online. And in pursuit of her concern for the environment, she wanted to believe in the ugly duckling of packaging, the bag in box: wine has never been so inviting.


Modern design, young graphics and a format that is good for nature, these are the Sfusobuono bag in box.

Alessandra, the mind and taste buds behind Sfusobuono, observed her family: Piedmontese tradition, wine from the cellars, bottling at home and a glass to accompany every meal. With the pandemic this was not possible, one could not run to the cellar to buy wine in demijohns!

At the same time, talking to some producer friends, he discovered that the lockdown had penalised production a great deal: it was not easy for everyone to go from selling wine in demijohns to bottling, resulting in the accumulation of a lot of good wine waiting for life to start again.

But, even though we were shut indoors, we strongly loved and lived life, we drove it on by dint of crazy baking, spring cleaning and video-conference workouts. How then to enjoy that wine, which was waiting for us in the cellar? 

Sfusobuono has thought of just that: bringing it to us at home, in a practical, high-quality format.


Alessandra is thus today your personal wine consultant: she takes care of the tasting, the selection of producers and wines. She travels, she knows and experiments for you, she becomes a promoter of small producers, she is the narrator of the product of young and passionate realities, her producers. Her travelling companions take care of administration, logistics and communication: a small team for a big project! To date Sfusobuono already has 70 labels, but they are certainly not stopping. Objective: 100 labels and then what? Who knows, maybe even manage to bring foreign wines into the project (Alessandra dreams of France and Spain as first recruitment destinations) and, why not, try to make wine shops and restaurants her accomplices too. Suppliers and consumers are thus involved, sitting at the same table for a toast that is a moment of culture and sharing.

Sfuso (bulk)…buono(good), very good.

Buying wine in bulk has quite a few advantages, shall we say?

Not everyone knows that bulk wine is generally bottled directly from the barrel or steel container, guaranteeing greater freshness and naturalness than traditionally bottled wine. This is because it does not undergo filtration or stabilisation processes that can affect its flavour and aromatic profile.

Beyond the greater environmental sustainability mentioned earlier, then, the aspect we most appreciate is the wide choice: buying wine in bulk gives you access to a wide selection of wines from different wine regions and producers. One can choose from a variety of styles, grape varieties and vintages to explore and discover new tastes and preferences. But if this vastness leaves you dazed, if Hamletic doubts about how to choose assail you, we’ve got you covered! Search for your #Character on Sfusobuono and you will discover how many possibilities are open to you.


But why then have so many prejudices held back the spread of this product? Simple misinformation: the lower price of these wines is often determined by lower production costs (imagine not having to buy bottles, corks, labels and so on?) and not by lower quality, on the contrary! Producing in bulk allows wineries greater flexibility in stock management: since they are not tied to specific labels or packaging, they can bottle wine in bulk according to market demand, adapting the quantity and type of wine to demand.

This is why Sfusobuono allows itself the luxury of choice: only the wines it likes best, only the best productions, only the vintage it prefers. This project gives new life to a tradition that links the table to the cellar, the curious taster to the passionate producer. Quality and goodness have never been so easy to uncork, it must be made known to all. And you? So what are you waiting for? Go on, spread the word… or rather, the wine!