Barbara Perrone & Linda Fiumara

Yes, it’s time to debunk the myth that picnics can only be held in the spring-summer period.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack or dinner, it makes no difference. What is important is finding a place where you can recharge your batteries, even in the city. Or in hotel suites, or other closed spaces. Even when outside the trees are taking on the shades of sunset, when it’s raining or when it’s beginning to get colder.

So, Barbara and I began to think about how our cities have some ideal corners for a petit dejeuner sur l’erbe or an informal meal that involves crunching on delicious delicacies in the company of friends. We hatched the idea for the #picnicity project, the aim of which is to guide our readers and followers as they discover the city from an unusual perspective, that of the picnic.


We had the idea for #picnicity by accident when thinking about what we usually do when we travel. In fact, when you’re not at home, you don’t always feel like going to a restaurant or having a traditional meal. In the past, we have happened to organize small picnics in less time than we would ever have believed, all over the world. And thinking about this marked the birth of a format capable of describing cities, natural beauties and top-level hotels, with a style that is easy to replicate and full of culinary observations as well as cultural food for thought.


Hotel de la Ville in Monza is a 4-star luxury hotel opposite the Reggia in Monza. Fruit of the passion of the Nardi family, owners of the top Grand Hotels in Italy and abroad since the early 1900s, with its art collections, memories of travels, period furniture and historical remains, not to mention its magnificent depandance, it was the perfect location for our first autumnal #picnicity.

The thirteenth stage of the project, and the first of a series staged in collaboration with Vinhood, its theme was an “autumn afternoon snack”. Sweet tidbits from Fabio Silva’s kitchen, Patatas Nana for a luxurious savory treat and two very good bottles of wine were the perfect allies for a #picnicity in country chic style.

#picnicity AND VINHOOD

In this way #picnicity began to embrace the idea of Vinhood and its characters.

Every #character corresponds to a group of wines classified using an adjective that describes a human trait. The characters were chosen with the characteristics of the wines in mind, the sensations that those in the various groups can arouse and the potential ideal moments for consuming them. And so the dates with #picnicity, from the most informal to the most stylish editions, will provide perfect inspiration for telling the stories of wines, labels, cellars and characteristics.

For the #Exotic character we were lucky enough to taste the Gewurztraminer of K.Martin&Sohn; a well-structured white wine ranging from straw to golden yellow with a strong, pleasant scent and a sapid aroma. Subtle spicy notes are accompanied by hints of clove, rose, and lychee.

The #Ethnic wines are all the aromatic wines, that is, those produced with aromatic grapes endowed with a high concentration of fragrant substances. They are very easy to recognize, due precisely to their rich scent, difficult to forget. Whether it’s because they pair well with exotic dishes, or due to their spicy aroma, these wines make us want to constantly pack our suitcases and get ready to leave for unknown destinations.

Instead, for #Magnetic we tasted the Pinot Nero of K.Martin&Sohn; a wine in a shade ranging from ruby red to burgundy with an unobtrusive tannin content, a bold aroma of red berries, spicy notes and a full-bodied, persistent taste.

The #Magnetic wines are among the youngest red wines. Full-bodied with good acidity and sapidity, and grippy tannins.

The #Magnetic wines are hardy and very easy to pair as they are slightly “unbalanced” on the palate.

They are magnetic- this is probably why the bottle finishes before you know it- and they remind us of a person who knows what they want, someone with a #Magnetic character.


To bring you closer to the Vinhood world, we’d like to invite you to the “Vinhood Wineshow: HALLOWINE” – Thursday 31 October in Tribò, Viale Col di Lana 6a, from 8 pm – where you’ll find bizarre, monstrously good wines accompanied by fun and games in the form of a blind tasting event.


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Photographic credits – Barbara Perrone & Linda Fiumara