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panettoni e vino per natale 2020

It’s the Christmas season and even in this very strange 2020, the Christmas sweet par excellence will be on the table. PANETTONE. A timeless classic of Christmas celebrations, the many variations of which we can’t wait to enjoy each year. 

There’s the old traditional recipe for the “purists”, the chocolate versions, the ones with custard for those who want something more decadent, the versions with dried fruit for those who like a bit more zest…so many different kinds to satisfy the most various tastes. 

And, like for every holiday and tradition that we observe, the sweet must be enhanced with a nice light wine, from sparkling to sweet, from red to white, which exalts and enhances its flavor. 

We at Vinhood have decided to select four kinds of panettone paired with four kinds of wine for you, based on our #Characters.


panettone tradizionale di Sadler abbinato al vino Moscato d'Asti della cantina Vittorio Adriano vini

The traditional Milanese panettone is a timeless classic on Italian tables.

We suggest Claudio Sadler’s interpretation, which blends tradition and innovation. The sweet is made following a slow method of production with multiple kneading cycles and is characterized by the use of starter yeast and very high quality raw ingredients:

fresh eggs from Italian free range hens, Bourbon vanilla paired with juicy golden raisins, and fragrant candied Sicilian orange peels.

Enhancing everything, crunchy and lightly toasted Sicilian almonds and granules of sugar adorn the top. We suggest pairing this classic Milanese panettone with a #Lively wine like the Maddalena, the Moscato d’Asti from the Adriano Vini winery, capable of exalting the sweet’s simplicity and goodness. Its aroma is one of sage, lemon, linden, and acacia with notes of apricot and peach flavor.


pasticceria elisenda

Last year we recommended you a chocolate delight by Armani and Guido Gobino, but unfortunately, like any limited edition, it is no longer available. The panettone was proposed in a very elegant packaging inspired by the effects of the ikat silk of the Portland fabric from the Armani/Casa 2020 collection. In short, an unmissable gem for true fashionistas, available only in the Armani/Dolci store in Milan.

But of course, we have selected another super novelty for you, as tasty as the previous one.

We are talking about Elisenda’s chocolate panettone. But let’s go in order.

Elisenda, the pastry line born from Esselunga’s collaboration with the Cerea brothers, has opened its first Temporary Store in via Spadari 4 in Milan: it is possible to stop for a quick coffee, or for a more substantial break.

The panettone we want to tell you about has neither candied fruit nor raisins, but is enriched with dark chocolate chips, which make every bite crunchy.

To enhance its harmonious and decisive taste, we suggest pairing it with a #Brioso red wine such as Malvasia di Casorzo from the Gaudio Bricco del Mondalino winery. A very special and unique grape variety from Piedmont that smells of rose, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.


panettone all'albicocca e frutta secca di Vincenzo Tiri abbinato al passito di Albana di Romagna di Podere Palazzo

For those who dare and who love to taste new panettone-themed recipes, we suggest the one by Vincenzo Tiri, master of leavened goods, of Tiri 1957.

One of the new products of the historic bakery in Acerenza (Potenza) is the panettone with semi-candied apricot and gianduia. The union of apricots and chocolate enhanced with Piedmont IGP hazelnuts creates a distinctive and unforgettable flavor. The panettone is made according to the “Tiri” method, characterized by a triple kneading process, or rather three cycles of kneading and leavening, and seventy-two hours of preparation.

For a structured panettone such as this, we suggest an #Affectionate wine like Pelide, the Albana di Romagna raisin wine from the Podere Palazzo winery. It has a complex and varied aroma, with notes of apricot, yellow flowers, sweet spices, and candied citrus fruits.


Panettone al limoncello di Antonino cannavacciuolo abbinato al vin santo geografico di Tenute piccini

If you love the traditional classic panettone but are looking for one with a bit more zest, then the panettone with limoncello by renown chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo is right for you.

A haute product of high cuisine and high quality, prepared through a long and slow process: thirty-six hours of leavening with five kneading cycles, an artisan preparation with manual “rounding”, in full respect of tradition, plus seven hours resting “head” down.

100% Italian wheat flour, egg yolks from free range Italian hens, high quality Italian butter, ten-year starter yest, and bourbon vanilla from Madagascar are the principal ingredients of this Christmas gem. The panettone is packaged within an elegant box created by the skillful hands of a master of Italian paper craft, perfect for a gift.

To accompany the distinctive taste of this sweet made with limoncello, we suggest an excellent and #Affectionate wine: the Vin Santo Geografico from the Tenute Piccini winery. It’s aroma is intense and rich, characterized by notes of dried apricot and dates, honey, raisins, almonds, and other dried fruit. 

Which of these pairings did you like best?


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