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The partnership between Vinhood and Iper La grande i, a leading company in the large-scale retail sector, continues to evolve and become ever more structured.

After the positive experience at the Iper La grande i store in Rozzano, with the installation of “Ti consiglio un vino” (an interactive kiosk located within the wine section, that’s able to help clients choose their favorite wine or pair a wine with a specific recipe), we’re now launching the Vinhood widget on the brand new Grandi Vigne website, dedicated to the exclusive Iper brand by the same name which selects and promotes small wine producers from all over Italy. After a thorough evaluation of producers, Grandi Vigne now offers a wide range of Controlled Designation of Origin wines, from estate vineyards in a monitored supply chain, which would otherwise be unknown or at least unavailable to the larger public.

With Vinhood’s digital widget, it will be even easier to assist clients in making the best choice thanks to the personal taste profiling of their wine preferences: by answering just a few simple questions, the web user will learn his or her own taste #Character and will thus be able to choose the bottle from the Grandi Vigne catalogue that’s best suited to a special occasion or to a specific recipe.

Thanks to this process, the Iper la grande i consumer experience will become truly omni-channel and exhaustive, with a mechanism that passes from physical to digital and back to physical through the proposition of, for example, in-store events dedicated to users who are interested in a specific range of wines, or by offering the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics and qualities of a particular bottle or winery before making an in-store purchase. Or even regularly receiving detailed and profiled information, fun facts, and news about certain types of wines, thus providing consumers with more and more tools for analyzing products and making choices, without neglecting the recreational, educational, and gamified dimension of the ecosystem.

For years now, Vinhood has been on a mission to innovate the world of taste, building a bridge between people, the products that they consume, and the entities that produce and distribute these products, based on personal tastes, interests, and level of knowledge.

A sensory team dedicated to the analysis and study of taste, proprietary technology based on artificial intelligence, and communication and events based on content that’s highly personalized according to the user’s characteristics, are the heart and soul of what Vinhood offers.


In the Iper La grande i store/test site in Rozzano, 81% of people have taken Vinhood’s test, but more importantly, the purchase performance of the wine section has gone up by 10%. 

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