The perfect winter coffees

Winter is the official protagonist of this time of year, with its frigid temperatures, crisp air, and scent of burning wood. But what coffees and aromas are best for warming up these cold days?

Caffè Lab Editors
Caffè Lab Editors

It’s that time again. Winter has become the official protagonist, with its frigid temperatures, crisp air, and scent of burning wood. 

There are some coffees which are perfect for this atmosphere and this time of year, some deliberately so, thanks to their traditional and seasonal aromas, and others from a strictly agricultural perspective.


Let’s start with seasonal coffees, in the true sense of the word as it pertains to freshly farmed fruits and vegetables. These coffees are harvested starting in December/January in Africa and Central America, when the dry season begins.

If we were to respect its natural life cycle, then the perfect winter coffee would be our beloved Messico Muxbal Bio. In fact, it’s so popular that for some time now it has been a fundamental component of the Lab 100 traceable blend conceived by our team of researchers and experts. In the local dialect, Muxbal means “place surrounded by clouds”. And this is the name of the truly unique coffee plantation located on the slopes of the active Tacaná volcano.

The extraordinarily complex nature of this coffee is due to the altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level at which it’s cultivated, the rich and fertile volcanic terrain, and the meticulous care and attention that Maeggi and Jorge dedicate to every aspect of its harvest and processing.

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Meanwhile, of those coffees that are best suited to winter from an aromatic standpoint, Brasile Rodomunho is certainly among the most seasonal, with its chocolatey and fruity aromas and sweet, clean aftertaste. 

But Rwanda Nova Cafe Des Mamas, with its round beans, also fills the cup with aromatic notes of black tea and chocolate, a strong citrus acidity, a pleasant sweetness, and a light and elegant body.

Last, but not least there’s Colombia Rum Fermentation, among the most unique coffees that we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, aged in rum barrels which give the beverage intense and fascinating aromatic characteristics.