Mateo Pinzon


Durante questi ultimi mesi, data la situazione sanitaria mondiale, abbiamo imparato a guardare le cose dal lato positivo, o come preferiamo dire qui da VINHOOD, il bicchiere/tazza mezza piena.

La quarantena e lo smart working ci hanno permesso di creare legami fortissimi anche in questi tempi di distanziamento sociale. 

Per noi è stata un’opportunità per rafforzare la nostra community del caffè creando dei momenti online in cui amanti del caffè, appassionati e professionisti potessero condividere con noi e i nostri follower le loro esperienze.

Dagli agricoltori e produttori di caffè ai torrefattori e alle organizzazioni non-profit, la community del caffè di  VINHOOD è cresciuta grazie alla passione e alla disponibilità  di queste 9 straordinarie persone che hanno raccontato le loro storie uniche e ci hanno “contagiato” con la loro energia positiva.

Per chi non fosse riuscito a seguirle tutte, vi elenco di seguito dei brevi riassunti di questi fantastici coffee lovers!

Julia from Albania (IG Columbia.Supreme)


Julia has been immersed in the coffee world all her life. Her family owns a very important coffee roasting company in Albania. Yet, this is a motivational challenge for her, rather than something to brag about.

Julia’s mission is to revolutionize Albania’s coffee industry by establishing the first specialty coffee shop.

She shares all sorts of coffee content in her Instagram profile, such as delicious recipes, with unique brewing methods, that are worth trying. If you are down to explore the specialty coffee world, you must follow her.

Sara Beyoda from Colombia (IG sara_bedoyaa)


Another young lady that amazed us. Sara is the 5th generation of a coffee farmer family.

The family business, Cafe Jesus Martin, grows, roasts, and sells specialty coffee beans. Sara went above and beyond and became a proud owner of a humble specialty coffee shop located in the mountains of Quindio, one of the most important coffee producing regions in Colombia.

She shared with us all the incredible things that happen inside a coffee farm and also the struggles endured by those that work the land, especially during these harsh times. We had a delightful talk that allowed us to travel for a few minutes into a Colombian coffee farm. If you are curious about this beautiful coffee farm and their exquisite specialty coffee visit their website Cafe Jesus Martin.

I’m Not a Barista – Non-Profit Organization (IG @iamnotabarista)

I'm not a barista coffee community

Its mission explains it all: “Humanity runs on coffee, let’s help baristas in need, and make coffee connect the world”.

I’m not a Barista is truly a gem. The interview opened our eyes to a problem that in many cases we tend to ignore, and it was a great opportunity to learn more about building communities with a strong sense of sustainability.

Through their website, this NPO has been able to support baristas by selling very cool merchandise and some donations they’ve received. But the best part is the amazing community they created that supports each other.

From local coffee roaster and shops to machine makers and bloggers, this community has been active during these days of need. Their social media is even better, you must give them a look.

Sa’ar Avrashi from Israel (IG @saar.avrashi)


Sa’ar is a true coffee expert and one of our taste partners in crime. At his young age, Sa’ar has been able to first-hand experience almost the full coffee supply and demand chain, from coffee farming to brewing and serving delicious cups.

In our interview, we discussed controversial topics, such as the need for establishing a much more sustainable coffee industry if we want to keep our beloved coffee plant alive.

Sa’ar did also shared pieces of his coffee adventures around the globe. For sure we still have some conversations pending, which we will try to fit in our next round of interviews. If you want to learn about coffee in general, follow him on Instagram and especially read his articles.

Niki di Landa from Italy (IG nikidilanda)


Niki was born in Italia yet raised in Greece. For us, she is the “Ibrik Master” and “The Coffee Reporter”.

We had an amazing and lively interview with one of our most active followers, a true rockstar! This humble 2020 Ibrik Champions gave us an unbelievable Ibrik brewing masterclass. Niki’s story is quite admirable.

All her dedication and preparation for the different competitions she’s participated is inspiring. It was the most motivational conversation we had so far. Visit her blog “The Coffee Reporter” to learn more.

Linda Fiumara from Italy (IG clindina):


Linda is another rockstar and taste partner in crime. If we could give the “Best VINHOOD Fan” award to someone, it would be her. She writes articles for VINHOOD, she also participates in so many of our events, such as the VINHOOD Academy, and she is actively supporting us.

The most interesting thing about her profile is that she is a taste lover rather than an expert. Linda has traveled the world tasting coffees but just to enjoy them rather than to rate them. 

She gave us the most amazing tips and suggestions to try exquisite coffee in beautifully designed places around Milan. Linda has her blogs and IG profiles that for sure will blow your mind. We encourage you to follow her.

Pawon Lena from Indonesia (IG pawonlena):


This interview was just surreal! The perfect mix of Asian Cuisine and Coffee. Yes, you read it right. Lena, a Master Chef from Indonesia, has been working for years in Italy to bring the best of her country’s traditional food to the Italian homes.

It was an interview where we talked about everything. From the different coffee beans produced in Indonesia, like Sumatra and Java to ending our chat with a unique summer coffee recipe.

Visit her Instagram page to discover more about her exquisite Asian cuisine.

Javier from Guatemala (kapejuyu):

coffee community

Javier gave us a quick trip to Guatemala. He talked to us about his coffee farm and the different taste profiles found on the coffee produced by his brand, Kape Juyu.

It was like talking to “El Professor” from Coffee Heist. He was always calm, extremely savvy, and coming out of with surprises that enriched our conversation. Extremely interesting to about his pioneering efforts on creating sustainable coffee companies in Guatemala and helping the local community.

Visit Kape Juyu IG page to discover more about their amazing coffee.

Emmanuela Alesiani from Italy (IG Suite.Food):

suite food

She is the Food Innovation Guru and a dreamer! For years, Emmanuela worked as a Food Innovation Manager and consultant for different European brands.

This job allowed her to travel the world, falling in love with the Asian culture. She always dreamed of creating her food innovation business. After one of her trips, Emmanuela knew it was time to create something new.

And Voilà! Suite Food, an innovative brand that makes Asian cuisine simple, fun, and affordable, was created. Our interview was an adventure. Emmanuela shared with us her amazing traveling stories into Asia, and she shared a delicious Vietnamese coffee recipe. Visit Suite Food IG page to learn more about her fun project. 

All these interviews ignited our sense and made us travel to wonderful places. Though, this is just the beginning. Our goal is to grow our community and bring more of these fun, educational, and flavorful conversations to you. Stay tuned for more!