Vinhood Editing

Giuditta, sommelier and Social Media Manager of Vinhood.

Her #Outgoing character and the desire of finding out and trying new experiences, lead her from Tarquina (little town in Lazio region) to Milan, moving towards winding paths and extraordinary career turning circles.

Everything begins when Giuditta, after a degree in Classical Studies, started the Faculty of Enology and Viticulture in Pisa, even if she never had a link with this world before.

If you ask her where was born this particular passion, she answers you telling an anecdote, that wants to reveal a kind of choice taken because of elective affinities.

“When I was seven years old I was so an excellent connoisseur of wine, that I asked for my birthday a box of fragolino wine”.

The truth is that she doesn’t really know. It seems that two big driving forces pushed her: the desire of trying something of different and the convinction that in this Faculty she would have drunk a lot.

Despite the uncertainties, the few solid basys and a lot of tried wines, she received a lot of high notes 30/30 (with chemistry everything okay) and lots of 18/30 (due to the fact that she wasn’t keen on viticulture, tractors and the countryside life in general).

With the desire of going over this gap, after the graduation, she started with travels and grape harvests for several years- abroad, everyone knows that you learn faster-. All this leads her to explore the two emispheres, among factories in Europe and South America until she reached the extreme borders of the wild New Zeland.

“Traveling was like a drug and as soon as I reached my destination I was ready to think to the next one.”

World inebriates and conquers her, but she was tormented on what to do in the future. Yes, because the pleasant life in the countryside or the humid life in canteen didn’t convince her, even though she was fascinated.

“When the grape harvest finished, that life so insulated smothered me and I started to ask me what I really want”.

She realizes that it was the time to understand really her profession and dedicate all her energies to the love of her life (wine).

For this reason she comes back to Tarquinia with an aim: obtaining the sommelier diploma.

“My relationship with wine  has become closer and closer in the years. Having worked in the production, then, gave me an unbelievable advantage in comparison with other sommeliers and wine tasters, that is to say: humility. When you find yoursel tasting tanks in fermentation or in refining, you realize how much wine is continously evolving. You need to respect its change in its peculiarities, like it is a living creature.  And so, like it happens with a precious person, you judge in a different way his behaviour if you know his past”.

Once she came back home, it was pretty impossible to re-start a “normal” life because all those travels gave her too much to make everything finish in this way.

But when you are bored, the best intuitions come to you your mind. She was wandering that the best way to put in practice all her experiences, her skills (spanish, french, english, that she was able to mix in an easy way) and at the same time to console her family for the the investments apparently failed, was to creat a blog.

A blog for travelling winemaker (practically winemakers going downhill) to tell everything about what she learned, to give people useful advices for who wanted to follow her way. She started to write, tell, always in updating; her days although on the sofa of her house in the boring Tarquinia, seemed suddenly so beautiful and passed so fast

There is only a small big problem.

She isn’t keen on the world of tecnology, of social, and in general “of internet”, so she is forced to study and focus on this topic. In the end, studying was what she has always been able to do.  Despite the huge improvements (she could even upload her articles on the blog) she understands that, to make it serious, she has to learn from the best: she moves to Milan to attend a master in communication in Food&Wine.

“That was the real change”- she says.

The Master didn’t teach her what she expected, but it opened her mind on what Milan could offer to her.

Thanks to the master she knows Matteo Parisi and the group of Vinhood.

“The first time that I met them was during a lesson of the Master; they came to present their start-up but they didn’t convince me at all! I remember that I thought that they weren’t semplifying wine,  they were trivialising it indeed”- Giuditta states.

Besides prejudices, when Vinhood calls her for an interview for an intership post-master, she accepts and goes to the meeting.

“I went there full of doubts” – she tells – “ but when she saw everything with her eyes, she changed her mind and it was love at first sight . When I openend the door of co-working there were a lot of smiling young people, everyone was working on their pc. I felt an atmosphere of innovation and future. I understood that “on the backstage of the test” there were a lot of excellent professionists, that were leading a real revolution in the theme of taste.”

So Giuditta, that had visited the world to know it the more she could, she found the world in an office; effectively half of the team of Vinhood was composed of foreign guys and girls. It is in this place that for the first time she felt visceral sensations that mean only one thing: home.

“Initially, I only cared about events, then Laura, my mentor, asked me to start writing at her place, for a weekly column on Facebook with the title “Laura and Andrea’s wines”. My job was that of telling the discoveries of wines made by the main characters, Laura and Andrea: a sommelier that doesn’t work anymore with us. I thought that starting something new could be funny because effectively, I have always dialogued with wine, but I have never told it. So I started: a day I wrote about Laura, the other about Andrea”.

She started to write reviews and understands that she really likes it. She’s looking forward to Friday to share with everyone a drink and the weird associations came to her mind.

Everyone notice her talent: her mother, her father, her boyfriend and Laura (finally they could be free from that job that she didn’t like).

Writing a post per week to become a Social Media Manager on a dime, (her #Outgoing character maybe helped her) and today Giuditta is totally part of our team.

What do you like more in Vinhood?

“The real innovation in Vinhood is the language that is used to talk about wine. The division of the tipology of wines according to the tasting #character, doesn’t help only the consumers that don’t know the world of wine very well, but also the experts. Effectively, the #character, referring to taste, let you immediately understand of what kind of wine we are talking about.  When, for example, I’m in a wine shop with my husband and he proposes me a #Sage, I soon understand what kind of wine he would like to order.”

Which was your biggest conquest from Vinhood?

“Well, for sure, to be confident with tecnology and social! It was ironic that a Social Media Manager two years before didn’t have a mobile phone. The world of Social is a world always in evolution, where it is useful to study to be always creative, also inside the rules of a communication strategy. Regarding the use of the famous Office packet, there is so much to do.”

What do you miss of your old life?

“I don’t miss my old life, except in september! The harvest leaves a hole in you that you would like to fill always with a new memory and the powerless of doing it make me feel nostalgic.  The sweet atmosphere of countryside, the neverlasting hours of work, but always with the smile, the hands continuously coloured of purpura, because I founded irresistible putting them in the vats…I could continue for hours and then I could start to cry. For now I don’t regret my choice of changing my life and above all to work with Vinhood where I found not only a place to grow up professionally, but a real family.”