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Vinhood coffee academy un corso digitale per scoprire il caffè

Let’s admit it, for us Italians coffee is much more than just a beverage. It’s a religion, and we look suspiciously at anyone who tries to appropriate the right to prepare, not necessarily better, but even just decent coffee.

In fact, we often judge the relationship that other cultures have with this beverage when we travel abroad, certain that we, ultimately, are the only ones who possess the true formula for coffee: the one for espresso.

But are we really really sure that we’re right? What if we’re missing out on something?

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water and has an incredible capacity to bring together countries that are as distant from each other culturally as they are geographically, because ultimately no one can resist the scent of a steaming black cup of joe.

Everyone has their own way of enjoying it, with completely different methods of extracting and serving it. For example, are you familiar with the coffee ritual in Japan?

It’s an entire experiential universe that would be a shame to exhaust in just the 1.3 seconds that it takes to drink an espresso at the bar.

We, who love coffee and have been studying it for years, have decided that the moment has come for you to get to know coffee better, for you to love it the way it deserves to be loved.

Because what kind of a love story lasts only a few seconds and ends with a cigarette?

That’s why in 2021, a much anticipated year, we’ve decided to launch the Vinhood Coffee Academy, an online course aimed at introducing people to a world that’s as fascinating as it is unknown thanks to the #Characters of Vinhood.

5 online lessons, led by coffee experts and bartenders, in which people can “get their hands dirty” preparing and tasting specialty coffees. We’ll explore coffee’s geographical origins and unknown history before studying its evolution, innovative extraction methods, and applications in the field of Mixology.

Vinhood coffee academy un corso digitale per scoprire il caffè

Would you like to get to know coffee better? Find out everything that the Vinhood Coffee Academy has to offer!

Just keep in mind that sign up ends January 11th and there are only 30 spots available.