Art for the palate: the artistic side of wine

Wine and art: while they may seem unrelated at first glance, they actually have a lot in common. Let's explore some unique experiences to enjoy these two pleasures together.

Barbara Fassio
Barbara Fassio
vino e arte

Both wine and art are experiences that engage our senses and emotions in unique and powerful ways. Wine is not just a drink, but an expression of the vineyard, the winegrower and the culture that produces it. It is no coincidence that the great Mario Soldati called wine ‘poetry of the earth’: even art is not just an object, but a reflection of the artist, culture, emotions and ideas that inspired it. When we combine wine and art, we create a multi-sensory experience that can enhance our appreciation of both. So, let us toast to the beauty of wine and art and discover the many ways in which they complement and enhance each other.

 Artistic pairings to impress

Wine and art pairings can be a fun and creative way to experiment in a new way. For starters, consider pairing a full-bodied and bold red wine, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, with a dramatic and intense art form, such as an opera or a dark and brooding painting. The rich, complex flavours of the wine can complement and enhance the emotional depth and complexity of the art, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Notes of sour cherries, berry compote and cedar wood accompany a reading of a romantic English poem savoured in front of a lit fireplace, or it might be beyond thrilling to sip a glass of this intense, full-bodied wine while listening to Lady Macbeth’s frightening soliloquy: if you want to impress with a plunge into dark, sublime atmospheres, try this pairing. Shakespeare himself would be proud of you!

On the other hand, a crisp, fresh white wine, such as a Sauvignon Blanc, can pair well with a lighter, more whimsical art form, such as a contemporary, colourful sculpture or a light-hearted musical performance. The lively and bright flavours of wine can enhance the joyful and energetic qualities of art, creating a harmonious and uplifting experience. Imagine immersing yourself in a world of joy and colour, as relaxed as the one Renoir immortalised in his wonderful ‘Dance at the Moulin de la Galette’: wouldn’t it be exciting to enjoy such a spectacle while sipping a gooseberry, white peach and passion fruit glass of wine?

Of course, there are countless other combinations to explore and the possibilities are endless. The secret is to experiment and have fun, trying out different combinations of wine and art to discover the ones you are passionate about. Whether you prefer a wine that is intense and bold or a wine that is light and sparkling, there is sure a pairing that will inspire and delight you. 

If you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions for unforgettable experiences.

The Cialoma experience: theatre meets Sicilian wine

Tuna fishing was not a simple mechanical action, a job done to survive, but a real ritual. The slaughter of tuna was a painful operation and for the tuna fishermen of Favignana it was life and a challenge to nature, every time. The Cialoma was the song that accompanied the slaughter, used to beat the rhythm of the tuna fishermen so that they moved in unison. It derives from ancient Arab folk songs, and today in Favignana the memory of these songs is still alive and present: hearing the story with the waves crashing on the rocks of this beautiful island gives one goose bumps, it is stupendous.

If, however, you cannot take an extended break for a Sicilian trip, Fulvio and Danilo will bring the tastes and sounds of this piece of popular history to your home: with La Sicilia delle Tonnare  you will be able to taste typical Sicilian products paired with local wines, selected and narrated by a true food and wine expert. And while your taste buds will be busy savouring indigenous wines and tuna delicacies, all your other senses will be captured by this lively and enthusiastic monologue narrating the exploits of tuna fisherman Calorio Li Causi and his magical tuna fishery. Pathos, energy, legend and flavour come together for an unconventional experience.

 Music for ‘the king of wines and the wine of kings’.

This is how Barolo is defined, a wine that is more than famous for its excellent quality and, no less, the wine of the Savoys, a royal family that was able to enjoy it also thanks to the stubbornness and great flair of Giulia Colbert Falletti, the last Marquise of Barolo. And it is precisely on the hills that are home to the Nebbiolo grapes from which it is produced that, in the municipality of Barolo, great music celebrates this wine every summer. International artists and world-famous singers, but not only: writers, actors and performers enliven hot July days, constantly paired with excellent wine. The Collisioni festival is a unique event, to say the least, where artists, enthusiasts and the curious of all ages meet in the poetic setting of the Langa vineyards. An exclusive opportunity to taste local wines, perhaps visiting the cellars directly, and then experience the thrill of a concert with your favourite artist. The only important thing to do? Hurry up, because tickets sell out fast!


Art hidden within the walls of a castle.

One of the pleasures everyone should indulge in is sipping a glass of wine while strolling through an art museum. Too bad it is not always possible, too many security measures for large exhibitions: but who would want to risk tripping over and staining a Raphael forever? No, better an alternative that will allow you to savour such pleasure without guilt. In the Castello di Razzano, the ArteVino Museum  has no less than twenty installations, both small and large, in what were once the castle’s wine cellars.


Wine thus becomes the protagonist of the artwork and an accompaniment to the tasting, which awaits you at the end of the tour. The rich and complex flavours of the wines mingle with the vibrant colours and textures of the art, creating a stimulating and relaxing sensory experience. And while, let’s face it, sometimes a visit to an art museum can be intimidating or even boring, the promise of a taste of Bacchus’ nectar will make it all fun and adventurous.

A toast to culture: The Montalcino Wine and Art Festival.

The Montalcino Wine and Art Festival ( link to https://jazzandwinemontalcino.it/ ) is an unmissable event for wine and art lovers. The festival, held annually in the Tuscan town, celebrates the famous wines that have made these lands famous and their rich cultural heritage through art exhibitions, concerts and performances by local musicians and artists. The festival offers visitors the chance to taste some of the world’s finest wines while exploring the beautiful landscape and fascinating medieval town of Montalcino. Whether you are a passionate wine connoisseur or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, the Montalcino Wine and Art Festival is sure to inspire and delight you. Why not add this event to your list of must-do experiences?


For those who fly, not just with their imagination.

Are you planning a trip and looking for ideas for an interesting destination? Well, why not combine the opportunity to taste international wines with artistic experiences? We’ve put together our personal “to-go list” so that you too can embark on this adventure and tell us all about it!

Without mentioning the countless festivals dedicated exclusively to wine and tastings, here are some of the must-see events to make your friends jealous:

  • Napa Valley Film Festival  held in Napa Valley, California, it celebrates the art of cinema with screenings, debates, and tastings of some of the best wines in the region.
  • Adelaide Festival  held in the city of the same name in South Australia, it offers a wide variety of artistic events, including theater performances, musical concerts, and art exhibitions, as well as a program of food and wine events that showcase the excellent wines and culinary offerings of the region.
  • Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it celebrates wines and culinary innovations of the region with tastings, wine-based dinners, and other special events featuring local chefs and producers.


Whether you’re a true art enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to spend your day, pairing an activity with a good glass of wine is always a great idea. And if you choose to enjoy a relaxing stroll through the rows of a vineyard, you’ll be surrounded by the greatest and most ever-changing artwork of all: nature. Let yourself be amazed!