Coffee trends: from cold brew to snapchilled coffee

A deep dive into the world of cold brew and snapchilled surprises - what coffee lovers need to know. Navigating the exciting terrain of coffee trends, including nitro enchantment and the ready-to-drink renaissance.

Barbara Fassio
Barbara Fassio
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Coffee, the beloved elixir of mornings and midday pick-me-ups, has evolved far beyond your average cup of joe. In today’s ever-expanding coffee culture, it’s not just about the roast or the grind—it’s about the experience. Join us on a caffeinated journey as we explore the latest coffee trends that are captivating coffee aficionados worldwide.


In recent years, the coffee world has witnessed a seismic shift with the ascent of Cold Brew. This trend has not just captured hearts but has also become a staple in cafes and households worldwide. What sets Cold Brew apart is not just its refreshing taste but also the captivating process behind it.

The slow and steady elixir: Cold brew is renowned for its hallmark smooth, mellow flavor, and achieving this is nothing short of an art. The magic begins with coarsely ground coffee beans, which are meticulously steeped in cold water for an extended period. This unhurried infusion allows for a gentle extraction of flavors, giving the brew its distinctive character.

The allure of cold brew reaches its peak on sweltering summer days. Served over ice, this chilled elixir offers a welcome respite from the heat. The absence of heat in the brewing process results in a beverage that’s gentler on the palate, less acidic, and decidedly more refreshing.

What makes Cold Brew truly exciting is its versatility. Beyond a straightforward pour over ice, it serves as the canvas for myriad creations. It can be the base for coffee cocktails, an indulgent dessert ingredient, or a caffeine boost in your morning routine. The possibilities are endless, limited only by one’s imagination.

caffè cocktail

Did you know that the global Cold Brew coffee market is projected to experience substantial growth in the coming years? Its popularity continues to surge, with consumers seeking not only flavor but also a lower-acid alternative to traditional hot-brewed coffee. As a testament to its popularity, you’ll find Cold Brew not just in cafes but also in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores. Some coffee aficionados even embark on the journey of crafting their Cold Brew at home. The process involves precision and patience – coffee grounds meet cold water in a container, followed by a prolonged steeping period. The result? A homemade elixir that rivals the best cafe offerings.


Close your eyes and envision the creamy, velvety mouthfeel of a meticulously poured pint of Guinness—but now, imagine that sensation in the realm of coffee. Enter Nitro Coffee, a phenomenon that has revolutionized the way we experience our beloved brew. Nitro coffee is more than just a chilled delight; it’s an artful infusion of nitrogen gas, creating a silky texture and a frothy head that’s nothing short of captivating.

At the heart of Nitro Coffee’s allure is its enchanting texture. Nitrogen, a tasteless and odorless gas, is introduced into cold brew coffee to work its magic. As it cascades through the liquid, it imparts a luxurious, creamy sensation that caresses the palate with each sip. It’s the marriage of two elements—coffee and nitrogen—that gives Nitro Coffee its signature mouthfeel.

Nitro Coffee isn’t just about what’s in the cup; it’s also about how it’s served. Many cafes offer Nitro Coffee on draft, akin to the way you’d find your favorite craft beer. It’s typically stored in a keg, and when ordered, it’s dispensed through a tap, complete with that signature frothy head. The theatricality of the process adds to the overall experience, making it a true spectacle for coffee connoisseurs.

When you pour a Nitro Coffee, you’ll notice the mesmerizing cascade effect. This visual spectacle unfolds as tiny nitrogen bubbles rise through the liquid, creating an ethereal swirl that’s almost hypnotic. It’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.

Coffee enthusiasts and baristas alike have experimented with different coffee styles and flavors to create Nitro Coffee variations that tantalize taste buds. From Nitro lattes to Nitro-infused espressos, the possibilities are endless. It’s not just coffee; it’s an experience that elevates your coffee journey to new heights.


In the dynamic coffee industry, ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee stands as a prime example of convenience meeting creativity. RTD beverages encompass a wide range of drinks that typically require preparation, much like your morning coffee ritual. However, what sets RTD coffee apart is its ready-made allure. RTD coffee is essentially your favorite coffee blend in a can or bottle, meticulously brewed, flavored, and sweetened to perfection. Take, for instance, coffee-infused energy drinks—an embodiment of this trend. They offer the rich, sweet coffee flavor you love, coupled with the high-octane caffeine punch found in energy beverages.

The beauty of these ready-to-drink wonders lies in their ubiquity. You’ll spot them everywhere, from the tempting lineup at your local grocery store’s checkout counter to the coolers in convenience stores and even nestled amidst the offerings at your favorite coffee shop. It’s as simple as selecting your preferred variety and indulging in instant coffee gratification.

Ready-to-drink coffee isn’t just about sipping; it’s about savoring life’s moments with ease.


 In the ever-evolving landscape of coffee trends, Snapchilled Coffee emerges as a fascinating response to the likes of cold brew, nitro coffee, and iced coffee. This innovative product takes freshly brewed, piping hot coffee, swiftly “snapchills” it, and seals it in a can. You’ve probably encountered pre-made coffee drinks in bottles and cans before, but what sets Snapchilled Coffee apart and fuels its soaring popularity?

The secret lies in the snapchilling process itself, which works its magic by preserving the essence of freshness and flavor in a way that traditional bottling and canning methods simply can’t replicate. Here’s how and why it accomplishes this remarkable feat:

  • Brewed to Perfection: Snapchilled Coffee starts with a piping hot brew. The use of hot water in the brewing process is instrumental in coaxing out the full spectrum of flavors, delivering that authentic freshly brewed coffee experience. The result? A can of coffee that boasts the taste of a freshly brewed cup.
  • Instant Chill: Unlike other coffee chilling methods that can drag on for hours, snapchilling happens almost in the blink of an eye. The immediate cooling process is a game-changer, as it minimizes flavor loss that can occur during prolonged cooling. Say goodbye to the freezer or refrigerator’s detrimental effects on coffee flavor.
  • No Dilution Required: You know the story with iced coffee—eventually, the ice melts, diluting your once-bold brew. With Snapchilled Coffee, there’s no need for additives or dilution. It’s brewed to perfection, ensuring every sip maintains the ideal strength. Plus, since it’s sealed in a can, it retains its pristine flavor during its journey from the factory to the store shelf and into the hands of eager customers.

The allure of cold coffee has long been a favorite for many discerning coffee enthusiasts. In an era where ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages reign supreme, the demand for a cold, grab-and-go coffee companion has surged to new heights. Snapchilled Coffee steps up to the plate, offering the best of both worlds. With a variety of roasts and flavors to choose from, it caters to every coffee lover’s palate, making it a delightful addition to the coffee scene.As coffee culture continues to flourish, there’s no telling what exciting innovations and trends the future holds. So, whether you’re sipping on a nitro coffee or experimenting with a new brewing method at home, remember that coffee is not just a beverage—it’s an experience.