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It’s true: the holidays just won’t be the same this year. Many of us are far from our families, lots of students haven’t come home, some people are finding themselves alone while others really wish they were…

But we’ve done our best to look for at least one pro in this myriad of cons. The proverbial half full glass, if you like… and then, we suddenly realized that the solution was right in front of our nose! A glass… of wine! Excellent wine, of course!

We’ve found our savior!

And in fact, we won’t let anyone deny us the pleasure of drinking some fantastic wines at Easter and … why not?… on Easter Monday too?!

Everybody loves a picnic, of course, they do, but we’re sure that absolutely nobody will miss that awful wine we often drink with a barbecue on a day away.


And since it’s only two weeks until Easter, now is the perfect time to stock up. 

Considering the many orders blocking the system and the delays in delivery that are rife in this period, it’s definitely a good idea to be prepared.

Anyway, who are we trying to kid? The menu is already set or if it’s not, it’s certain to be the classic array of traditional Italian fare.


So here are a few wine pairings, from starter to dessert, that you can buy from the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN ARMCHAIR, avoiding the exhausting queues that might slowly make us lose our will to celebrate.

And yes, we are well aware that at the moment you’d do anything to get out of the house, and that even throwing the rubbish away is a day trip…but, as we said before, we have to see the glass half full, right?

 Of the many online stores available, guaranteeing prompt, reliable deliveries, we chose Vinicum, the biggest Italian virtual wine cellar.

 There was more than one reason behind this choice: firstly, it has a huge selection of products, sourced from all over Italy, then its wines have an excellent quality/price ratio and lastly, on their website you can find our virtual sommelier service, which recommends the most suitable wines for your tastes, or special recipes if our proposals don’t quite convince you.

So let’s push ahead and see what we selected:


Let’s start with the starters! Even if we all have our own favorites for Easter Day (on Easter Monday can the leftovers from the day before be classed as “starters”?), the dinner table of a true Italian will never miss eggs, cold meats, cheese savories and…wait for it… an absolute must from the Campania region: casatiello! Even if only a lucky few will be able to make one this year, since yeast and flour only appear to be available on the black market just now.

A varied starter, to say the very least so, to make everyone happy, we’ve chosen a wine with an #Eccentric character, a rosé which, as you know, goes with practically anything and above all, doesn’t clash with the eggs, which should never be paired with red wines.

And those who may have tried this will have learned, to their detriment, that the payback is a furry mouth and a bitter finish, due to the bad relationship between egg proteins and tannin.

Instead, here we’d like to recommend a really extraordinary, exceptional rosé:

FB Metodo ancestrale, Lambrusco Emilia Igt della cantina Albinea Canali.

Wait a minute! What’s a Lambrusco doing in amongst the rosé wines? Well, ok, it does sound a bit strange! If the truth is told, it’s not actually a real rosé, although it definitely qualifies as one in the color and taste stakes. 

The answer to this mystery lies in its production process: it is made with the Ancestral Method, which, as the term suggests, is a very ancient way of making sparkling wines. 

During the fermentation in steel, when the wine still contains some sugar, this is bottled and continues fermenting inside the bottle. Uniquely, it is not filtered, and so quite cloudy and has a very strong taste of yeast and bread crust.

A sophisticated oenological diamond, made with Lambrusco di Sorbara, which also has an incredible price tag: €7.90 (in fact, while we were writing this to you, we were also buying a case for ourselves, just to be safe).



Ok, we admit it: we’re Italian and when it comes to first courses, we really let our imagination run wild. We never like to be bridled by rules that tie us too closely to tradition, and Easter is no exception. An old Italian saying goes “Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want!” This year’s version is a tiny bit different: “At Christmas you didn’t know how lucky you were, at Easter you’re stuck with whoever you’re stuck with!”

In general, the Easter table in Italy usually groans with filled pasta dishes, because they’re the culinary equivalent of all-out celebration: tortelli, tortellini, but also lasagna and cannelloni.

Or you could opt for the first dishes made with seasonal vegetables, such as asparagus and peas.

Based on these options, we have two proposals: 

For first courses without tomato sauce, or with vegetables, we recommend:

Perfect with asparagus!

For first courses with a tomato or meat base: 



When it’s time for the second course, we’re more or less all reading from the same hymn sheet: lamb is a must-have on any Easter table! Obviously, every region has its own special way of personalizing this tasty dish, but the real difference in terms of the best wines to pair it with, lies in how it is cooked:

quickly (grilled/barbecued) ore slowly (roasted or in a stew).

And so the pairings will be slightly different, even if we’re always talking about red wines:



Ahhh! And now it’s finally Easter Monday – as if we’d been short of food throughout the lockdown period – and tradition tells us it’s time for an amazing barbecue in the countryside.

Ah, no, we meant balcony, or even at our window these days… we’re not fussy!

In any case, wherever you have it, Easter Monday Means Barbecue. Full stop. 

And by this we don’t mean to offend those of other religions: remember that you can barbecue almost anything, from fish to vegetables and even tofu. All of them must be drizzled with lots of love, and indeed, the wine that pairs best with this kind of dish is one with a #Sensual character:

Primitivo, as its name suggests, is a wine that looks kinda rough but, we can assure you, it has a heart of gold… the ideal wine for squaring up to barbecued meat which, especially in the case of pork, has a fat content that can only be kept at bay by a big guy with rough hands. And here, Primitivo is the best man for the job.



All over Italy, we enjoy eating Colomba, the most traditional Italian Easter cake, but another “dessert” that is never in short supply at Easter are the chocolate Easter eggs!

And when it comes to chocolate, everyone knows that spirits are the be-all and end-all, but a red raisin wine also makes a good impression, like for instance 


So, all in all, we hope you’ve got the message, loud and clear: in this difficult period we have to see the glass half full, but for this to work, we first have to fill it with some excellent wine!!!

This is why Vinicum is offering a 10% discount to all new customers and a 10% discount on any wines you buy with the character suggested by our test: Take it here.

Happy wine shopping, people!

Let us know if our tips hit the spot!



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