Vinhood Editing

Wine during summer is often put aside and viewed with distrust.

Beers and Mojito violently replace wine in glasses and wine is incorrectly judged as heavy, inappropriate and…boring.

Nothing could be more wrong!

Effectively, beside the fact that it has less kilocalories then many beers and cocktails, it can be enjoyed in different situations, from the most refined to the easiest ones.

Not to mention that, who prefers wine will be unlikely satisfied by other replacements.

In this articles we have described different situations in which a good wine (if served at the right temperature) is decisively the best solution for all the needs when you’re thirsty.

#Outgoing white wines, to live lightly also the hottest lunches (from 12.00)

White wines are obviously a must drink in summer and above all #Outgoing, fresh, salty and without so much alcohool, are the best wines to combine with fish and vegeterian dishes, that are generally more consumed when it’s hot.

In Italy there many examples, from Manzanarre to Reno, such as Vermentini, from Sardinia or Liguria,  Verdicchi, Soave, Etna Doc white and Lugana. We can stop here ma there would be really many other examples.

They are perfect for that lunch at the sea or in terrace where you want to relax yourself in couple or with friends.

They have to be served rigorously cold, about 6°C, but, if you don’t have the ice or a glacette to mantain them cold, it is better to serve them at 4°C; they will gain more grades when you will put them in the glass.

The trick to leave everyone astonished.

A trick to cool them down in a faster way, when you don’t have enough time, is that of rolling them up with a wet absorbent paper (also simple napkins are okay) and put then in the freezer.

In about 10-15 minutes the bottles will be perfectly at temperature.

#Brilliant or #Playful bubbles to perform to the opened blow of the saber (19.00 o’clock)

For the aperitif there’s nothing better then drinking good freezed bubbles. They create the right mood and get you ready for the party.

#Brilliant or #Playful bubbles are different from other kind of bubbles not only for their sourness and freshness, but they correspond to the Classic Methods. This kind of wines, that re-ferment in bottle, is that one that is better for the blow of the saber, because it has an internal pressure which is higher then spumanti Charmat (for example Prosecco), so it is enough to hit them in the right place with the saber- or someone else- to make the corks and the neck (ref. to bottles) explode in the air.

They are practically hand grenades.

The blow of the saber is always beautiful and funny but it is better in summer when you’re more frequently in openair, in a place that let also to beginners to do it, without dirty walls or killing people.

However, there are many splatter stories with blowers of the saber as main characters that, due to the euphoria of the moment, cut off their tendons and wrists to escape from the research of the passages.

The passages are fundamental, dear readers.

You find all them here described!

#Magnetic or #Sensual red wines “to take away” for wild evenings (from 21.00)

Red wines, and many people know it, are kind of wines that don’t need particular temperatures; the important is not to leave them too cold or too hot.

For this reason, they are wines to be defined as spartan and above all in summer, they can be ideal also for uncomfortable situations: a bonfire on the beach, a camping or an open air concert. Because let’s say it, for how much music can create atmosphere, there’s nothing of magic in a hot beer.

Among red wines, those that are more ideal for these kinds of situations, are without doubts, #Magnetic or #Sensual wines. #Sage wines are effectively too demanding, and could result heavy, they can set your teeth on edge if you don’t eat something fat and compact with them.

The trick to leave everyone astonished: 

If the temperatures should go over the tolerable limits and you can’t succeed in keeping the wine under the 25° C (because effectively a red wine should be drunk at 16-18°) a good idea to refresh the bottles could be that of putting them on the foreshore if you are at the sea (checking always that the sea doesn’t take them) or in a brook wedging them among stones.

Said that, every time that you feel deeply undecided, you can always ask your personal sommelier. He is always there, in your pocket!