Brewing Methods Unleashed, the perfect one for each #Character

In the immense panorama of coffee extraction techniques and methodologies, finding your favourite will not be difficult: we discover the perfect preparation for every #Character.

Barbara Fassio
Barbara Fassio
caffè e preparazioni

Coffee extraction is an art form that encompasses the delicate balance between water, coffee grounds, and time. The goal? To unlock the optimal flavors, aromas, and complexities hidden within those precious beans. In this journey of taste exploration, various brewing methods have emerged, each with its unique approach and characteristics. From the classic filter V60 to the beloved moka pot, the iconic espresso, the elegant Chemex, and the versatile AeroPress, we will delve into these brewing methods, unraveling the secrets to achieving the perfect cup of coffee.

Each extraction method enhances different characteristics of a coffee, each technique is better suited to different varieties and processes. Each method gives a different beverage, in terms of body, aromatic complexity and aroma: everyone can choose according to the need of the moment. A more intense, full-bodied coffee for a quick refill? A more delicate cup to accompany a moment of relaxation? Choosing has never been more interesting, experimenting and discovering which technique is best for us is a great challenge. To help you out, we have thought about which tools are best suited to each of our #Characters; don’t you know them? Run now and take our taste test.


If you’re a fan of simplicity and clarity in your brew, the filter V60 is a brewing method that will captivate your taste buds. This pour-over technique, popularized by Hario, involves pouring hot water over a conical-shaped filter, allowing it to flow through the coffee grounds and into your waiting cup. This name? No, there is no connection with a popular car (yes, someone thought of that!), but it comes from the angle the V-shaped filter has, 60 degrees precisely.

For those looking for an extraction that can impress with the variety of profiles the V60 is perfect: it can also handle more special, complex and fresh coffees such as those with the #Adventurous Character, with citrus notes and good acidity.

The result is a clean and nuanced brew, accentuating the intricate flavors and delicate nuances of the coffee. With its precise control over water flow and extraction time, the V60 offers coffee enthusiasts the opportunity to experiment with different grind sizes, water temperatures, and pouring techniques to fine-tune their brewing process and achieve the desired flavor profile.


For those who think like the author E. De Luca and appreciate a bold and robust cup of coffee, the moka pot is a classic brewing method that has stood the test of time. Moka coffee is a drink with a #Fascinating #Character: full-bodied, slightly sweet and in perfect balance between strength and elegance. Choosing a blend of Arabica combined with a small percentage of Robusta makes it possible to obtain a coffee with a decisive but not overly intense body, a pleasantly bitter taste and an overall velvety texture.

This stovetop coffee maker, invented by Luigi De Ponti in the 1930s, brews coffee using steam pressure. As water heats in the lower chamber, it generates steam, building pressure that pushes hot water through the coffee grounds and into the upper chamber. Would you like to learn how to prepare it to perfection? Read our article here. The result is a strong and concentrated brew with rich flavors and a velvety texture. The moka pot is beloved for its ability to produce a full-bodied cup reminiscent of the traditional Italian espresso experience, but with all the charm of home consumption, after a family meal or as a ritual for waking up in the morning. A gurgling aroma that smells of home.

caffè con moka


When it comes to coffee culture, the espresso holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts and professionals alike. This brewing method, originating in Italy, involves forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground coffee, resulting in a concentrated shot of aromatic and intense espresso. The art of pulling the perfect shot requires skilled baristas who understand the importance of grind size, brewing temperature, and extraction time to create a harmonious balance of flavors in every cup.

The magic lies in the precise extraction process, where water passes through the coffee in a matter of seconds, capturing the essence of the beans while leaving behind any bitterness. With its rich crema and complex flavor profiles, the espresso serves as the foundation for various beloved coffee-based beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos. A #Vigorous #Character can only love this energetic, powerful and structured coffee with a hint of bitterness. 


For those seeking an elegant and visually stunning brewing experience, the Chemex is a standout choice. Invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, this hourglass-shaped glass vessel combines form and function. 

caffè con chemex

The Chemex brewing method involves placing a specially designed filter in the upper chamber, adding coffee grounds, and slowly pouring hot water over them. As the water cascades through the grounds and the filter, it extracts the flavors while creating a visually captivating bloom. The Chemex produces a clean and flavorful brew, with a smooth and delicate mouthfeel: the #Chill #Character falls in love with this product. Medium roasted, sweet and fruity flavoured 100% Arabica coffees are perfect for Chemex. 

Its striking design (when you happen to drink coffee with a tool that is on display at the MoMa no less?) and the ritualistic pouring process make it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts who appreciate both aesthetics and taste.


When it comes to versatility, the AeroPress reigns supreme. Invented by Alan Adler, this compact and travel-friendly brewing device has gained a devoted following, we tell you its exciting story in this article. The AeroPress combines elements of immersion brewing and pressure extraction, offering coffee lovers the ability to experiment with different techniques and variables. Whether you prefer a full-bodied and robust cup or a cleaner and more delicate brew, the AeroPress allows you to adapt your brewing method to achieve your desired flavor profile

Are you adventurous hikers? Do you love to challenge nature and then enjoy a good coffee as a well-deserved reward? The Aeropress is perfect: we have seen it at work in the mountains over 1800 m and on a cliff overlooking the ocean… so you never have to give up a good cup of coffee.

Its simplicity, ease of use, and quick brewing time make it a popular choice for # Cheerful #Carachter on the go or those who enjoy experimenting with various recipes and extraction methods.


The world of coffee brewing methods is vast and exciting, with each technique offering a unique pathway to unlocking the flavors, aromas, and textures concealed within coffee beans. Whatever method you feel attracted to – and there are not only these – there is a brewing method that will suit your preferences and allow you to savor the true potential of your favorite beans. So, embrace the adventure, experiment with different techniques, and discover the joy of brewing your perfect cup of coffee.