Daniel pappa vincitore del premio barista dell'anno secondo Italicus nel 2019 ci regala cinque ricette di coffee cocktail in esclusiva per vinhood

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”… a celebrated quote by the American writer Henry Miller that for sure speaks to Daniel Pappa. 

He left home at an early age seeking to learn and see things from a different perspective, always intending to become a well-known barista. 

England, Spain, Dubai, and Colombia have been some destinations that allowed Daniel to grow as a Mixology expert. His next stop will be Central America, where Daniel is eager to find new points of view within this multiculturally thrilling industry.

Today, this world traveler will surprise us with cocktails that will allow us to travel into paradisaical places.

The following recipes have been designed to be done at home with simple ingredients and methods, yet with exhilarating flavors. 

Cocktail No.1: # VIGOROUS

Like its #Vigorous personality, the complexity of the tequila reposado and the white cocoa liqueur guarantee complexity and a strong body to the cocktail, with slight bitter accents given by the Fernet Branca and the enveloping presence of a Robusta and Arabica coffee blend. 


  • 45ml of tequila reposado
  • 30ml of a Robusta and Arabica blend espresso shot 
  • 1bsp Fernet Branca
  • 15ml white chocolate liqueur
  • 10ml Agave honey

Preparation: Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Filter the ice, and serve the cocktail mix in a regular tall glass. Add ice if you desire. 

Cocktail No.2: # FASCINATING

il coffee cocktail dal carattere attraente creato da Daniele Pappa

The determined strength of a #Fascinating coffee mixed with the vodka embraces the seduction of the hazelnut liqueur. Accompanied by the sweet and elegant accents of the raspberry cream.


  • 50ml Robusta and Arabica blend mocha coffee
  • 40ml vodka
  • 20ml hazelnut liqueur
  • Raspberry cream mousse
  • Decorate with oxalis flower

Preparation: Pour the vodka in the glass first, then the hazelnut liqueur, and finally then the coffee. Mix everything with a long cocktail spoon, and add the amount of ice you desire. Mix a little more and finally add the foam on top. Decorate with the Oxalis flower. 

Note: You can use a siphon or a blender to do the raspberry foam. 

Cocktail No.3: #CHEERFUL

il coffee cocktail dal carattere vivace creato da Daniele Pappa

Balanced like its #Character. The intense aromas of Jamaican rum, and the subtle sweetness of the Cold brew coffee pairs with the strong sweetness of the banana syrup. The delicate presence of Montenegro bitter and the velvety pistachio mousse is the cherry on the top of this #Cheerful cocktail. 


  • 45ml Jamaican rum
  • 15ml Banana syrup
  • 10ml Montenegro bitter 
  • 20ml Cold brew coffee
  • Pistachio mousse

Shake all the ingredients in the shaker and serve in a small cup or a white wine glass (as in the photo). Finally, add the pistachio mousse on top. 

Cocktail No.4: #CHILL

The relaxing aromas of chamomile with the milky oolong tea soda are perfectly paired with the fruity touch of the Calvados Brandy and the lightness of a French press light roasted Colombian coffee.


  • 40ml Calvados Brandy
  • 20ml Chamomile syrup
  • 30ml Light Roasted Colombian coffee prepared in a french press
  • Top of milky oolong tea soda
  • Preparation: In a tall glass pour the Calvados and the chamomile syrup. Mix well. Then add the coffee and the ice. Mix again. To finish the drink, add the milky oolong tea soda on top and enjoy!

Cocktail No.5: #ADVENTUROUS

A cocktail for those reckless and brave ones. The dryness and complexity of the Palo Cortado Sherry balance the acidity of the coffee Kombucha and the citrus and floral hints of the Bergamot Rosolio.


  • 40ml Palo Cortado Sherry
  • 15ml Italicus Bergamot Rosolio
  • 90ml coffee Kombucha 

Preparation: In a tall glass pour everything directly, add some ice, and mix well. 

Each cocktail has been inspired by a place visited by Daniel. Though he prefers not to share them, to allow you to travel to your paradise. In the end, it is all about our unique preferences and taste profiles. 

What are you waiting for to try the recipe of your #Character? Why not even trying them

all? In case you don’t know yours, take our test to discover it!