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Our test, through few and easy questions, can understand your preferences regarding taste and suggest you the ideal type of wine for your palate

The main aim of this instrument is the assistance to the consumer during his choice of wine, above all in those places where it isn’t possible to ask an advice for the purchase like in supermarkets, e-commerce and restaurants where there isn’t a sommelier.

What you have to know is that behind those questions apparently easy, there’s an interesting and complexed algorithm, studied by the experts of taste, sommerlier and neuroscientists and today I will explain you how it works.


The algorithm is a process of numerical calculation and that one developed by Vinhood can understand personal tastes or more in general consumers’ needs.

To make it usable and captivating for the consumer, a graphic interface was created to present a series of questions and a limited number of answers linked to them, an easy and funny test.

The user has to choose the favorite option among the different proposals offered.

Thanks to the collected data, through a so called Virtual Sommelier, the algorithm calculates the tasting profile of the user and then suggests him the type (or the types) of wine that better suits those features.

The Virtual Sommelier uses questions and answers linked to daily routines in order to help the user during the way and ensure that the main parameter of choice are represented by his personal tastes.

For example you are asked to express your preference between:

  • Different dishes, all common and popular
  • Different drinks or flavour-preferences in a specific moment of the day

At every answer, you are given points depending on the different organoleptic features.

In this way the algorithm can give a final recommendation reflecting the user’s tastes and needs. Moreover, to avoid possible incomprehension, the use of technical words is limited. Also regarding the questions directly linked to wine are limited, because this system is thought also for people without a high knowledge about it.

In most answers combinations, the final question of the Virtual Sommelier is asking a preference regarding wines. The user can choose white, red, bubbles or can leave us the choice.

The result is a #Character of wine and so a category in which there are many different labels. In this way you can choose a wine not only for its taste but also for the affinity with the palate and the price.


Every #Character has one or more predominant features that make it unique and different from the others.

Wines have to reflect the main features of a specific Character to be classified this way. In order to make it, we have studied an approach that considers the features of wine left by the company producer (technical sheet) and also the direct taste (the one we prefer).

First of all, they determine the features of wine (for ex.: the color, level of sugar,…) that limit the possible belonging of every wine to some #characters.

For the final assignment, the wine has to be tasted from a panel of at least 20 people, and a clear preference has to be shown towards one character (at least half of the opinions).

In every case, the evaluation has to be verified from our team of Sommelier and Sensory Experts, that depending on the preferences of character and considering the trend of past tastings, can make eventual adjustments.

After having said this, how about trying it with a clique on the button below?!


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