Mateo Pinzon


When you think about VINHOOD, for sure, what comes to mind is good wine and our taste #Characters. If this is the first time you hear about us, let me confirm this is an accurate perception of who we are.

Though, I’m here to give you another perspective about us and what we do.

Before we begin, I invite you to get a nice cup of coffee while you enjoy this read.

We’ve all been there, the day just started, too many things to do, and all you need is a delightful boost to get things going.

Drink a cup of coffee! For most of us, it would be almost an automatic reaction. That simple cup gives you that needed thrust that can last for hours.

At times, that single cup also brings to mind fascinating conversations once shared with a special one.

An exceptional mix of stories and flavors that kept your mind awake and delighted your palate.

Other times, that same cup of coffee came during a much-needed pause, after a long working day, where those continuous bitter-sweet sips became tastier as your mind and body relaxed.

As you can see, that same cup came at different moments, accompanied various conversations, and satisfied diverse needs. Each sip had a unique purpose, a unique #Character. Though, does this cup tasted the same way every single time?

Did it always have an intense flavor and subtle fruity aromas?

As you can already imagine, the answer is a resounding no! Coffee is one of the most consumed products worldwide; over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. Though, its flavors are still entirely underrated and unknown for a “regular” palate.

The coffee’s #Character is not determined by the time, the moment, nor the conversation you had when you drank it. That delicious coffee cup, commonly perceived as a commodity or a simple drink, owns an array of flavors and aromas, given by diverse factors such as its place of origin, coffee bean type, the roasting, and the brewing method utilized to get the drink. These are the real elements that determine one’s #Character.

Though, if people still don’t pay attention to the flavor of a coffee cup, how can they remember all these other things?

Don’t worry; this is when VINHOOD comes into the rescue!

Our coffee #Characters are inspired by those particular conversations and special moments you once enjoyed around a cup of coffee. It comes from that mix of memorable stories with unforgettable flavors and aromas.



Intriguing, self-confident, and full of energy. Hard to forget thanks to its strong personality that will make you lose track of time. An energetic and full-bodied coffee with bitter accents. A coffee recognized when drank in as a ristretto or a very creamy and bitter espresso.


The perfect companion. Owns an ideal balance between a determined strength and a seductive elegance that guides you into pleasant and bright conversations. A full-bodied coffee with hints of sweetness and delightful crema. A coffee cup recognized when drank in a full-bodied espresso or a traditional Moka at home.


The joyful soul of the group. The one you always want by your side in festive and happy moments. Full of sweet and radiant vibes. A flavorful, sweet, and balanced-bodied coffee with intense, pleasant aromas. A coffee cup recognized when drank with a deliciously foamy cappuccino.


Moderate and calm. The ideal companion for those days of reflection or relaxation where you seek serenity and peace. It is a delightful light-bodied coffee cup that owns relaxing aromas. A coffee drink recognized for being served in a mug and usually brewed in a french press.


One of a kind. For him, there are no half measures, so you either love or hate it. It gives it all to those who love its unusual and exciting acidity. A tastefully fresh coffee with citrusy highlights and fruity aromas. A coffee drink recognized by its eccentricity for a “regular” palate, loved by those that drink coffee brewed with specialty or third wave brewing methods such as a Chemex or Syphon.

Now that you know all the coffee #Characters, you can slowly recognize which one you have are more likely to love. Though, the beauty of coffee is that, in many cases, it’s an acquired taste.

You are used to drinking coffee in a particular way, but in reality, your palate truly matches a different distinctive flavor from the one you think.

You don’t believe us? Well, then go ahead and give it a try! Take our coffee taste test (which will be available soon), and discover your unique #Character.

I can assure you it will be a surprise that will ignite your senses.