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Finiper Spa, a leading large-scale supermarket chain, has chosen Vinhood, an innovative company working on “tailored” taste thanks to a technological and methodological approach that focuses on the individual and on simple and comprehensible language, to launch a physical and digital solution aimed at engaging clients and introducing them to “Iper la grande i” products, starting with wine. 

People and the world of taste are quite distant from one another: if we’re talking about wine, for example, it’s common to find a wide range and variety of content that’s often overly “technical” and specialized, compounded by a lack of a personalized experience. Clients have little time to choose, aren’t normally well-versed in specialized wine culture, and therefore don’t have the tools with which to select, when needed, a bottle for a special occasion or to pair with a dish. For years now, Vinhood has been on a mission to innovate the world of taste, building a bridge between people, the products that they consume, and the entities that produce and distribute these products, based on personal tastes, interests, and level of knowledge. The Vinhood experience begins with a simple and interactive test which, in 40 seconds, creates a personal taste profile: the Taste Test. The solution is based on studies in neurogastronomy and has been validated by more than 500 tasting sessions as well as by gastronomic, organoleptic, and neuroscientific research conducted together with prominent universities and research centers. Artificial intelligence contributes to further honing the solution’s predictive capabilities.

Based on more than 400,000 completed tests and on the studies that have been conducted, approximately 85% of people say that they’re satisfied with the recommended taste #Character and therefore with the suggested products.

Together with its scientific approach, Vinhood has developed communication styles and processes based on clarity, simplicity, and fun. Client engagement also takes place through games, events, introductory classes on taste, moments dedicated to tastings, sensory team building initiatives, and more.

Today the Vinhood Community includes many companies and brands that consult with tens of thousands of people on a daily basis in order to study and simplify the world of taste.


Finiper, always focused on innovation, has embraced the logic of this ecosystem which introduces people to products. In the physical world, Vinhood has collaborated with the Iper La grande i store in Rozzano (MI). Here an interactive kiosk (“Ti consiglio un vino” [A Wine Recommendation]), which is able to help clients choose their favorite wine and pair it with a special recipe, has been positioned in the store’s wine section. A true Digital Guide which, in a simple and practical way, profiles clients’ personal wine tastes to guide them in making the best choice. 

Furthermore, the kiosk provides a goldmine of information on labels and wineries: just hold a bottle near the scanner to find out (using the bar code) everything you want to know about that wine (history, facts, news, etc.). And that’s not all: after a client has obtained the desired recommendation, a LED light will begin flashing on the shelf in order to help him or her locate the selected bottle. 

Clients will be able to have this experience online as well: new developments to be unveiled soon.

In both experiences, physical and digital, the client is accompanied by new and engaging content related to his or her taste profile, the world of taste, and food-wine pairings. 


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