The Vinhood tasty test!

Your unique taste #character, in 45"


The Vinhood tasty test!

It’s almost magic….

Are a few questions enough to understand a person’s taste profile? A big yes is the answer. It is possible thanks to the research of our Sensory Team and the help of hundreds of enthusiasts like you. All together we have created our Test and #Characters to make your life easier, leaving all the complexity to us.

It’s science

Our Solution is based on neurogastronomy studies. It has been validated by more than 500 tasting sessions and by gastronomic, sensorial and neuroscientific research carried out together with universities and research centers of excellence. Artificial intelligence contributes to further refine the predictive capabilities.

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The #Characters

Loving wine, beer, bread or any other product is easy, but the language around them is too often complicated and incomprehensible. This is why we have introduced a new categorization system based on taste varieties and types, which eliminates the complexities of traditional language. Introducing the Vinhood #Characters.

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