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Witty and Nonconformist

The keyword is “originality”. A friend that marches to the beat of its own drum and clashes with everything and everyone, even your palate!

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Acidic beers with intense aromas

#Rebel beers are characterized by extreme flavors and a distinct acidity. They are complex on the palate thanks to the intense aromas developed during the spontaneous fermentation process, yet are enjoyably fresh and light-bodied, making them easy to drink.

What makes a beer #REBEL?


Light-bodied fluid beers whose power to quench thirst is accentuated by their pleasant acidity.



Complexity and uniqueness are the two words that describe these beers! With bizarre and unexpected aromas, like barn and livestock, they astound with their sour taste.



The bitter element is completely absent and entirely replaced by acidity.



Beers with a medium-low alcohol content, usually between 4% and 7% ABV.



Straw yellow, Yellow, Golden Yellow


Animal, Leather, Fruit

How to enjoy a #REBEL beer

Ideal Temperature

7° – 10°

Ideal Glass

Teku glass. Created in Italy in 2006, the TeKu glass has become the universal beer glass throughout Europe. The tulip shape of the goblet enhances the expression of the aromas.

Food Pairings

Cured meat

Expert advice

The acidity of these unusual and eccentric beers never ceases to amaze. The perfect gift for a beer aficionado, they are among the few beers that can be aged, their aromas evolving and maturing for years in the cellar. Keep them in a cool dark place and don’t forget to enjoy them in good company.

Special ingredient: wild yeast

Wild yeast is obtained through the natural contamination of beer with the bacteria and yeasts normally present in the air, which trigger spontaneous fermentation. These yeasts give very unique and original fragrances and flavors to beer.

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