Mateo Pinzon

moka e caffè

In times of Coronavirus, we are deprived of most of our comfortable habits, forced to find most of our solutions online. No more delicious meals at a fancy restaurant or ordering creamy cappuccinos at the coffee bar. Not saying that these are essential things, yet these are cravings that, given the situation, we now appreciate more and learned not to take for granted. 

Though, looking at things from the bright side, it has allowed us to try new things, discover new passions, and even learn to do these pleasurable things with our own hands. In many cases, bringing us even more joy than just ordering, as we were so used to do it. 

As you can already imagine, the cappuccino example it more like my thing. For weeks I’ve been craving for one deliciously creamy, bittersweet, cinnamony-cappuccino, which I could delightfully enjoy at any time. Yes, my Italian friends, even in the afternoon! 

I must confess that it has been something Italians have tried to talk me out of doing because, for them, it’s a traditional morning thing. But I’ve resisted it for a long time. So if Italians couldn’t stop me from doing it, well you bet coronavirus wouldn’t either. 

Don’t worry, I mean it safely. 

Finding the ideal bean

So, as lazy or smart as it can get, while prepping for my weekly grocery adventure, which I know you all can relate too, I turned to my google home device to solve my cravings. I went ahead as asked her (yes it is a she! Since she listens to me, understands me, and gives me great bits of advice, something I don’t believe a guy would do tbh):

Ok Google, where can I find a coffee bean ideal for a homemade Cappuccino!

To what she replied: What are you thinking? Sorry, but you can’t go outside right now. Please try something else, I would be glad to help.

Isn’t she great! A male friend would have replied something irrational and irresponsible. 

Following her great advice, I asked her this time: Ok Google, find a coffee bean ideal for a homemade Cappuccino!

To what she began to recite a list of coffee beans found in an article from Timelesscoffee.com – 10 Best Coffee Beans for Cappuccino [Is Your Frother At The Ready?

From the full list, only three blends could be found in Italy: Starbucks Dark Roast Blend, Lavazza Super Crema Blend, and Lavazza Crema e Gusto Forte. 

Something you need to know about cappuccino is that there is no such thing as a perfect blend for a cappuccino. It all depends on your taste preferences, yet, unfortunately, we are used to just order cappuccinos at a bar, without even knowing the coffee blend being used. 

In many cases, we believe it is the barista or bar’s fault when we don’t like its taste, instead of recognizing that the main ingredient, the coffee blend, wasn’t the right one for our taste preferences. 

I must confess I wasn’t happy with the options given. These are suitable for strong, bitter, and dense taste preferences since the blends have dark roasted and mainly Robusta beans. 

In my case, an ideal coffee blend for a cappuccino must be a bit sweeter, velvety, and balanced. From the three options given, none seemed to please me. 

Though, only one had an alternative less strong option that could fit what I was looking for: The Lavazza Crema e Gusto Classico. A blend that I could easily buy at a supermarket. 

Its package describes this blend as a balanced and creamy coffee with bittersweet and spiced notes. 

The moment of truth

Now that I finally found the coffee I wanted, it was my turn to prove my coffee brewing skills with a Moka pot. Not only that, but I had to also test my skills by making some nice foamy milk with my bare hands. Though, for my safety, I was always utilizing my Google home device as my assistant, so no big deal. 

The task seemed even harder since I’m not a fan of the Moka pot. Its flavor tends to own burned/roasted notes, though this could be a mistake I make if I leave a high flame during the brewing process. 

I went ahead and asked my Google device to find the ideal recipes to do cappuccino at home, with measurements and a clear process just to be safe. 

This time, I made my best effort to take everything under control, making sure that I set the right flame (temperature) to achieve a nice brewing. I utilized the correct measurements and ratios – 12.75 grams of grounded coffee (yes that precise) for 2 cups of water (6oz). 

For my disbelief, the smell during the brewing was surprisingly good. It had rich dark chocolate hints.

After 4 minutes, the coffee was ready. It was now time to add the foamy milk. This was the real hard part of the process. I carefully poured the whisked 79 ml. of milk into the mug filled with coffee. 

Yeah, just that, I know it doesn’t sound complicated at all, but believe me, to create a nice creamy and consistent milk foam, requires some whisking mastery. 

The result was amazingly good, considering it was my first time doing a homemade cappuccino. The foam, very creamy, sweet, and rich. 

The coffee had a nicely balanced body, and those dark chocolate notes I felt during the brewing process, gently merged into cardamom or cinnamon spice notes. Typical #Fascinating coffee traits. The mouthfeel was still quite intense, though the rounded creaminess was fantastic. 

The only downside was the aftertaste. The delightfully sweet flavors were overpowered by a trace of strong bitterness. This is a typical attribute from Brazilian robusta beans, which tend to favor a #Vigorous coffee. 

I would give this coffee a score of 75 over 100. Mainly due to the aftertaste. The aromas were extremely nice, very warm, and rich, both on the brewing and the cup, yet the bitter after taste killed the mood a bit. 

Though my best advice and my intended message from this article is not a coffee qualification or review. Instead, what I would truly advise you is to take bloggers or writers’ suggestions with a critical eye and less as an ultimate answer. 

The suggestions we give are based on personal opinions and preferences, meaning that what I like doesn’t necessarily suit your preferences. 

For this reason, I invite you to read this article with an open and critical mind, to try new things, and to take our coffee taste test to discover your coffee #Character, and, with it, find new favorite coffee flavors and recipes.