Giuditta Padoan

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You have almost passed all the tests, but wait…there’s still the mad dash at the end to come.

Whether you have a definite plan, are faithfully waiting for an exciting last-minute invitation, or even if you pretend you don’t care (liar!), you can’t escape that euphoric sensation mixed with pre-New Year’s Eve anguish.

It’s true: effectively there is something magical about the last night of the year. 

It is a ritual we all want to celebrate, each in our own way.

Because otherwise, if we don’t join in the countdown or at least light a sparkler, we feel as if we’ve missed out.

It doesn’t matter where or with whom you celebrate it, what matters is that something memorable happens!

I, for one, go all-out on the preparations, to ensure I achieve a surefire result.

I put on “Don’t stop me now” by Queen, which winds me up me like a spring, and uncork a Franciacorta Saten! Just like the start of the song, which sets off very slowly, the refined perlage of this Saten (by definition less gassy than the normal version) rises delicately towards the top, accompanied by an elegant scent of flowers and fresh fruit.

Almost as if it wants to create a certain type of suspense. 

Then you take a sip and you feel possessed by Freddie Mercury’s soul. You stiffen your posture, throw your head back and sing in falsetto: don’t stop me now!

That sparkling sensation, so round and enveloping, that makes you twirl around as if caught up in a vortex, while the acidity, hot on its heels, makes you tap your foot to the beat. As if possessed by a dark force, you begin moving your shoulder, swaying your head to the rhythm and soon, before you know it, you are running on the spot in flash dance style to Roger Taylor’s drum rolls and exploding into a solo with your imaginary guitar, while Brian May, fresh from his own, makes room for you on the stage, in awe.

You are on the stage with millions of eyes on you.

Nothing supplies more thrills than sparkling wine. And this Cesonato, with its #Playful character, is what you need to feel like a true performer, just like Freddie.

Let it all hang loose this 31st December, it only happens once a year! Happy New Year!