Giuditta Padoan

It isn’t always easy to be born with red hair.

Rosso Malpelo – the main character of the novel by Verga and the film with the same name- it’s a kind reminder. He was pointed out by everyone as “surly, snappish and wild” only for having an unusual color of hair. He was even accused of bringing bad luck.

In the end, they succeed in convincing him, poor guy. His reddish-brown hair becomes his blame and the symbol of his viciousness.

But… to be different is one of the biggest fortunes if you are intelligent enough to understand it.

Cantina Specogna knows it well and for this reason it produces a Pinot Grigio Riserva 2018 that doesn’t hide the copper color of its peel; on the contrary, it praises it writing the color even on the label.

During the years, many producers have often hidden this “flaw in manufacturing” regarding Pinot Grigio.

Nor white nor red, they disguised its real nature making the vinification as per a white wine.

But, Friuli Venezia Giulia doesn’t walk on eggshells and as one of the most significant regions for natural orange, oxidized rebel, and border wines has hosted this bizarre wine variety defining it for what its real essence: a coppery color wine.

While for what concerns the real Malpelo, we only have the rest of a scary ghost wandering for sand quarries “with red hair and bad grey eyes” (Verga wasn’t the typical writer for “And they lived happily ever after”); the novella of this wine has a happy ending.

Proud of its diversity, it has reached high scores by DoctorWine and AIS Association, which awarded it with the prestigious prize “4 VITI”.

This #Profound Coppery Pinot Grigio 2018 was born from particular wine making;

It is ground for 25 days on its peels, from which its colors and the typical smell of black and red cherries derive, as for red wines. The fermentation is made with wild yeasts, the same ones you can find on the grape skins to make sure that the tasting result is purely from the Friuli region.

There are some differences also in the refining process: it is aged in big oak and cherry-wood barrels according to the Solera method, the same for Marsala and Sherry wines, where percentages of different wines and different years (from 2012 to 2016) are mixed.

The result is an old- young and young-old wine, with whom you can honestly talk: the fresh and spring-like smell put you at ease; you could tell it some secrets! But the determined structure of the mouth inspires respect and makes you listen to its advice.

If you are the person that doesn’t follow the popular convictions and, if you like to go beyond the appearance, this is the right wine for you.

Taste it with Frico Friulano, a kind of tortilla made of potatoes, cheese, and onions; the greasiness of Montasio finds the perfect balance with the sourness of wine and its mentioned tannin.

Make the test and find out if your ideal #character of wine corresponds with this wine!