For years, at Vinhood, we have been studying the world of taste, and to make it even more accessible, we have created the Taste Ecosystem, bringing together a community of people who believe in our mission.

It is a bridge that shortens the distance between people’s needs and the products available to meet them.

It is a new way of communicating that simplifies the world of taste and makes it fun to learn how to choose what each of us consumes better and more consciously.

Together, with the same mission



who want to explore taste while having fun, according to the values that matter to them.



who want to grow by meeting people’s preferences based on their tastes, interests, and level of knowledge.


A network of


united by the desire to tell their products, their reality, and their passion for what they do!


There are already over 100 productive entities, including wineries, breweries, and roasteries, that have chosen to be part of it. Their number is continuously growing, thanks to the addition of new entities and the exploration of new products, such as liqueurs, tea, and bread.

Every one of our activities nurtures the Taste Ecosystem. With our tools, personalized content, events, and services that we provide, we create opportunities for producers to connect with people in new ways and for individuals to discover entities that align with their taste preferences and values.