What we can do for you!

We think of ourselves as “Taste Experts”, specialized in providing services that draw people to products and help them to better understand the language of those who produce them. We simplify the buying process by guiding consumers to make choices that are “tailored” to their palate.

At the same time, we provide them with little-known facts and in-depth information so that they may acquire a well-rounded vision of the product-world that most interests them. All this while also having fun!



Customized Experiences

Customized Experiences

Online and In-Store Events

Online and In-Store Events

Our solution

For years now, Vinhood has been innovating the world of taste, building a bridge between people, the products they consume, and the companies that produce or distribute those products, all on the basis of personal tastes, interests, and level of knowledge. A “sensory team” dedicated to analyzing and researching taste, proprietary technology based on artificial intelligence, and communications campaigns and events based on content that has been highly customized according to users’ characteristics, are the lifeblood of Vinhood’s services. Our solutions are offered both online and “offline”.

Our Services

Our services are made up of three unique elements that can be customized according to one’s individual business needs.

  • Virtual Choice Assistant: We have developed an algorithm which, through a simple test, understands your clients’ desires and suggests products to them that are suited to their palates according to who they are, what they like, and what they need when making their choice.
  • Content as a Service: We are constantly deepening our understanding of the world of taste in order to enrich and customize brand content according to what drives clients’ choices: values, ethics, or quantity.
  • In-Store Events and Entertainment: We regularly organize, develop, and promote in-store and online events in an effort to give greater visibility to brands and products, with the help of our innovative solutions and taste experts (like sommeliers, master brewers, etc.), enhancing consumers’ knowledge while also ensuring that they have fun.

Our Results


satisfied clients

We help consumers become familiar with products and the products’ world

enabling them to make informed choices and purchases


increase in sales


NPS Improvement

thus increasing their satisfaction and their loyalty to your brand (net promoter score).

Our Partners

More than 50 partner companies work with Vinhood every day, connecting tens of thousands of people who are all working towards the same goal: simplifying the world of taste!

Who are you?


Customize your clients’ in-store and online experience by simplifying the buying process and improving their level of satisfaction.


Help your clients choose the products that are best suited to their tastes and preferences, offering original and customized content.


Learn how to position your products most effectively, thus improving conversion rates through both online and “offline” channels and increasing brand loyalty.

Vinhood and Retailers

The retail world is changing and we’re at the forefront of the evolution. Vinhood helps retailers make in-store and online experiences more engaging by offering specialized consulting sessions on the world of taste. These are aimed at simplifying the choosing process for end clients and promoting the ethical and value-based components of products, which are increasingly important at the moment of purchase.

Speaking the Same Language

Thanks to our Sensory & Psychology Behavior Team, in recent years, we’ve studied the world of taste in more than 30 countries, learning a lot about consumers in order to gain a better understanding of what they like and which characteristics are most sought after in a product, and, above all, to define the value-based choices that drive consumers to make a purchase.

Vinhood and Producers

We’re compiling the most extensive international network of “smart” producers in the world, all of whom are in line with our core values: skill, sustainability, and innovation. A community of interest, fueled by Vinhood’s solutions and focused on shortening the distance between producers and their clients by offering content and services that are customized according to individual consumers’ taste profiles.

Born Under the Sign of Taste

Between Vinhood, established in 2017, and the wine world, it was love at first sight! Over the years we’ve gained experience in various product categories, developing solutions, content, and events dedicated to the worlds of beer, bread, coffee, and bitters, thanks to our ongoing and constantly expanding research.

Vinhood and Brands

We develop initiatives for national and international brands, putting our combination of skills in the development of tailored projects to use.

Ad Hoc Consulting

Every project is different, tailored to the needs of the individual brand. The consulting that we provide will enable

Vinhood on the Ground

We began as a digital company, but are strong and active players in “on the ground” initiatives as well. Personal interaction is a crucial component of our ecosystem.

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