The Taste District: how to join it

The Vinhood solution makes e-commerce sites easier to swallow, in-store experiences more innovative and corporate events more original, thanks to our Shows, staged live or online.
Our proposals are flexible and can be adapted to suit the demands of our partners, to satisfy every type of requirement.

For distributors

You can use the Vinhood solution to get to know your customers better, dialogue with them directly on your portal or app and personalize their purchase decision.

Whether you’re a supermarket, a specialized shop or bar, you can also use our solution within your point of sale, thanks to the use of kiosks or solutions for your mobile phone, designed to support each customer and reduce the stress of choosing what to purchase.

Our Taste Advisors will carefully categorize your products, so that the solution is fully integrated with your catalogue.

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For manufacturers

Are you a producer, do you have a wine cellar, a roasting house or a distillery? You can use Vinhood online on your website and during events and tasting sessions at your company, to engage customers, attract new ones and promote your brand, in an innovative, fun way.

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For staging an in-house corporate experience

Have you ever challenged your sales people about wine pricing, participated in a workforce convention about amaro or performed storytelling activities based on beer?

The Vinhood Team Building events are personalized digital or live experiences, devised in tandem with the customer based on their objectives and the messages they wish to express. Organizing your corporate event with us means having fun, getting to know your colleagues better, but also sharing moments of professional growth, with a light-hearted, enjoyable format.

This and other reasons are the driving forces behind the launch of the VH Academy, an online course of 5 meetings for exploring the world of taste while having fun.

Some of our advisors, who have come from companies such as BCG, IBM and Microsoft, are experts in training and communication and have the ideal vision for planning the event that best adapts to your requirements.

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