Why Vinhood is Right for You

For years we’ve handled the organization of corporate events with a unique and engaging approach.
For us, the world of taste, with its fantastic products (wine, beer, coffee, etc…), is a starting point.

Thanks to VINHOOD’s events, you’ll be able to strengthen relationships among co-workers, boost client satisfaction, and generate awareness and visibility: we’re able to efficiently analyze your needs and design a high performance event for you from scratch.

In-person Events

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Hybrid Events

How We Build a Successful Event

VINHOOD takes care of all of the steps necessary for putting together a successful event. We have a unique approach, based on exploration of the world of taste, paired with gamification.

Discover all of our formats: team building and gamification with wine, beer, or coffee as the protagonists… meetings and discussions, eBike rides through nature with tastings, treasure hunts, “unconventional” breakfasts, gym tastings, yoga and other pampering activities, or working in a vineyard: a multitude of tips and occasions for bringing together, motivating, and stimulating your team!

What are you waiting for?

Get the most our of your corporate event: a single representative, no hassle for you, success guaranteed.

Event Formats

Simplicity and a focus on personal tastes are the basis of all experiences with Vinhood and with our products, in Italy and abroad.

Who Has Chosen Us

More than 50 partners who consult with Vinhood on a daily basis, with tens of thousands of people studying and working to simplify the world of taste.

Who’s Talking About Us

All Vinhood press reviews.

Who’s Talking About Us

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Any moment is perfect for organizing a corporate event: we have a ton of ideas to propose to you. What are you waiting for?

Contact us and we’ll talk, with zero commitment, about your project. You’re in good hands with VINHOOD!