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Seductive and Determined

The perfect companion. An outstanding balance between strength and elegance which accompanies you in enjoyable and interesting conversations.

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Well-balanced body with a sweet flavor

A full-bodied coffee that is slightly sweet and envelopingly creamy.

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How to taste a #Fascinating coffe?

Preparation classic

Espresso: Creamy Body and Bold Flavor. The preparation method par excellence in Italy. This coffee is robust, intense, and at the same time creamy. It’s the foundation of many other coffee-based beverages, such as the macchiato and the cappuccino.

Preparation special

French Press: Medium Body and Bold Flavor. Known as the plunger pot system, this is the method of choice for many coffee lovers aruond the world. It gives the beverage a rich and pleasant flavor and deposits the coffee grounds at the bottom.


English Coffee Cocktail: A sweet cocktail made with dry gin, triple sec, Kahlua®, espresso, and whipped cream

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